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Devialet Aims to Take Over the Soundbar Game with Its Highly-Capable Dione

If you’re looking to bolster your home theater system, there’s often a handful of purchases you’ll have to make, a majority of which are likely audio-related. In an attempt to trim your overall sum of online orders, Devialet has just unveiled its Dione, and the brand’s very first soundbar looks to shed the need for a subwoofer.

The French audio brand has implemented top-notch tech in its products time after time, but the Dione might just take the cake. This new reveal boasts a whopping 17 neodymium drivers and 8 built-in subwoofers, each of which are tuned to Devialet’s liking. Its crystal-clear sonic capabilities are bolstered by an impressive, low-frequency range of 24hz-21kHz, ensuring that this 47″ piece of equipment is much more powerful than meets the eye.

Another notable feature behind Devialet’s latest is its central channel, which the brand has appropriately called the ORB. This unique element automatically adapts to the soundbar’s position depending on whether it is mounted or placed on a piece of furniture, practically tailoring the sound to your liking. As goes for most soundbars you’re bound to consider nowadays, the Dione is compatible with Dolby Atmos, providing an immersive listening experience upon watching your favorite movies, shows, and even music videos.

Whether you are looking to upgrade that aforementioned home theater or are simply on the hunt for an audiophile-approved soundbar, Devialet’s latest unveil is tailored to both. The high-end manufacturer’s Dione is available for pre-order on its website for $2,400.

Purchase: $2,400

Photo: Devialet