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CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic Series PCs Are Self-Regulating, Breathing Computers

To say that PCs have come a long way in their evolution would be the understatement of the century. It seems that not a week can pass without a tech giant unveiling a new innovation for one of its computers. Thankfully, due to CES, we’re being treated with a salvo of groundbreaking PCs from companies throughout the space. While they all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, one of the PCs that really caught our attention was CyberPowerPC’s Kinetic Series Case.

While not a computer in and of itself, the Kinetic Series Chassis is a PC case that draws inspiration from kinetic architecture, which is an architectural concept where parts of buildings are designed to move without sacrificing their structural integrity. Of course, kinetic architecture is usually purposeful in nature, allowing buildings to better insulate themselves or save energy. The folks at CyberPowerPC transposed this concept onto their computers to create a PC that almost looks like a breathing creature. Featuring 18 individually controlled vents, the Kinetic Series Chassis employs intelligent airflow, which enables the PC to open and close certain vents to allow air intake according to what its internal temperature sensors indicate. The thinking behind the design approach for the Kinetic Series was to create a case that worked in real-time to give the appropriate amount of air to cool the computer, rather than simply adding a bunch of internal fans.

Moreover, aside from regulating the PC’s temperature, the Kinetic Series Chassis also closes to regulate noise and dust control, adding another layer of versatility to its design. It’s a true case of working smarter, not harder. CyberPowerPC has yet to give a release date or retail price, however, one could expect to see the Kinetic Series Chassis hit the market later this year.

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