Lifted Laps: 10 Best Laptop Stands

Sep 14, 2018

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Having a workstation that’s perfectly oriented is vital to your efficiency. If you have to lean forward constantly, hunching or contorting your neck in an uncomfortable way to properly see your computer screen, your performance is going to suffer greatly. So what’s the solution? A good laptop stand can dramatically change how you work. Ergonomically designed for your ultimate comfort in the office, this list of the 10 best laptop stands to improve your workstation will take change your life in unforeseen ways.

Laptop stands have myriad benefits. If you’re a dual-monitor user, elevating your laptop to the same height as your desktop monitor can make your time at the office easier and keep you from having to shift your position to see both screens. Elevating your laptop will actually keep it cooler, too, so that you can avoid overheating and risk crashing. Plus, a good laptop stand can help you foray into the world of standing at your desk — which can be a game changer, too. Check out the list below to see what strikes your fancy. It just might change the way you work.

Bluelounge Kickflip

The Bluelounge Kickflip is a simple and cheap way to ergonom-ize your workstation set-up. With two sizes, for a 13-inch or 15-inch MacBook, the Bluelounge is a small, easy-to-install add-on that will elevate your laptop screen to an ergonomic angle for your viewing and reading pleasure. Simply affix the stand to your laptop with the included high-tech adhesive, orient it to the perfect angle, and work smarter.

Standout Feature: Simplicity. The Bluelounge is the easiest, most uncomplicated stand on this list.

Purchase: $18

Rain Design mStand

Rain Design is one of the foremost brands in laptop accessories, especially laptop stands, and the mStand is their staple product. With a 5.9 inch lift, the Rain Design mTower is a formidable stand that keeps your laptop cool. Crafted from a single piece of aluminum, the composition of the mStand is sturdy. The sand-blasted and silver anodized finish also matches nicely with your MacBook. The stand comes with an additional mStand tablet pro stand for your iPad, if that’s a part of your workstation.

Standout Feature: Organization. The Rain Design mStand lifts the laptop and comes with a cable organizer to route wires neatly and keep your laptop cords organized.

Purchase: $40

Rain Design mTower Vertical Stand

The Rain Design mTower Vertical Stand is one of the more unique designs on this list. Like all Rain Design products, it has a study, single piece aluminum construction and an anodized aluminum look. It’s best quality is that it can truly reduce the amount of space your laptop takes up on your desk when it isn’t in use. The aluminum design also increases airflow to keep the laptop cool.

Standout Feature: Space saving. When not in use, your laptop can be an unnecessary space consumer on your desktop. With the mTower vertical stand, you can stand your laptop upright and give yourself more room for other desktop essentials.

Purchase: $40

Twelve South BookArc

Twelve South, like Rain Design, is another premier crafter of laptop stands and cases. Their BookArc is similar to the mTower Vertical Stand from RD, but with a space-gray finish rather than the brighter anodized aluminum of the mTower. It’s also an excellent organizer, featuring an integrated Cable Catch to keep your cords in check. The BookArc doubles as a super-practical docking station to tether your MacBook with a large external monitor.

Standout Feature: Docking. Connect your laptop to a large external monitor without taking up very much space on your desk with the Twelve South BookArc.

Purchase: $50

Twelve South Curve

The Twelve South Curve creates a 70-inch elevated angle for your laptop so that you never have to hunch over to look at your screen. It also promises to increase ventilation and heat circulation for your notebook by 70%. The Curve has a sleek design that draws from such Roman marvels as the Guggenheim and the Colosseum.

Standout Feature: Angle. By placing on the Curve stand and pairing your laptop with a keyboard and mouse, you will save your neck a great deal of stress in the long run.

Purchase: $50

Twelve South ParcSlope

The Parcslope from Twelve South is a simple, modest design. But for its simplicity, it is hugely practical. It can elevate and angle your laptop perfectly, and if you prefer, the Parcslope is also perfect for holding an iPad Pro.

Standout Feature: Perfect for the digital artist. The Parcslope is the only stand on this list that seeks to help the digital artist and avid tablet-user enjoy a better experience.

Purchase: $50

Rain Design 12031 iLevel 2

Rain Design is a major name in laptop accessories, and for good reason. Their products are practical and designed attractively. The Rain Design 12031 iLevel 2 is no exception. The brushed aluminum look and rubber pads on the stand will keep your desktop looking clean (and coherent, as the anodized aluminum will match your MacBook), and protect your laptop from any harm.

Standout Feature: Aesthetics. The anodized aluminum construction of the 12031 iLevel 2 stand will match your MacBook to perfection.

Purchase: $65

Griffin Elevator Desktop Stand

This desktop laptop stand from Griffin is built to provide you with more space on your desk by giving your laptop a big lift. Not only will you have more space for activities underneath your personal notebook, but your laptop will remain cool by keeping heat from being trapped below. The Griffin is a universal stand that fits laptops, Mac and PC, and it’s the perfect size for portability. All in all, a very useful laptop stand.

Standout Feature: Ventilation. The Griffin Elevator Desktop stand lifts your notebook a whopping 5.5 inches, allowing it to cool down from a comfortable height.

Purchase: $70

Roost Laptop Stand

The Roost laptop stand is made in America, and its reliable construction is proof-positive of that provenance. Able to hold all weights of laptop, rubber insets on its clasps promise to hold your laptop securely without scratching it.

Standout Feature: Security. The Roost laptop holds every sized notebook in place. Still, it remains incredibly lightweight and portable. You can fold the Roost stand and carry it in your backpack without feeling like you’re lugging around a kitchen sink. A perfect desktop essential for travelers and commuters.

Purchase: $75

Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand

The most expensive laptop stand on this list, the Grovemade Walnut Laptop Stand is at the far end for luxury laptop stands. The rich, walnut grain construction is a handsome adornment for your desktop, on top of being large and highly practical. The angled platform improves the laptop’s ergonomics, and a steel stop lined with premium vegetable tanned leather will keep your laptop protected and sheathed in a smooth platform.

Standout Feature: Beauty. Grovemade makes some of the finest and most high-end laptop accessories around.

Purchase: $140

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