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Campfire Audio’s Supermoon Earbuds Have Unbelievable Audio Playback

It’s easy to find earbuds, but it’s difficult to find earbuds with studio quality. The preponderance of audio devices that come at a high price often obfuscates the concept of good and bad under a mere implication of value. Although, of the few brands that consistently deliver products that are actually amazing, Campfire Audio is at the top of that list.

Where most engineers gravitate toward speakers or headphones for playback, some desire a device more intimate and personal. Enter Supermoon, an ultra-high-end pair of earbuds that seek to hit the ceiling on both sound quality and in-ear comfort. These custom-fit monitors employ Campfire’s latest planar magnetic drivers to deliver a full spectrum of frequency response with a pristine balance of warmth and radiance from lows to mids to highs.

The Supermoon earphones come in either Artist Fit for on-stage performance monitoring or the slightly shorter Audiophile Fit for either studio mixing or appreciating music the way the engineers designed it to be heard. In order to ensure the perfect fit, you can send in an impression mold of your ear to Campfire Audio, who will construct your Supermoon to fit in its factory in Portland, Oregon. The solid-body earbuds are 3D printed into a single piece, hand-polished, and fitted with a stainless steel cap.

Following the release of its Saber earbuds with Damascus finish a few months ago, Campfire now seeks to have its newest pair of monitors put an end to all premium in-ear monitors. The Supermoon earbuds are available now from Campfire Audio’s website for $1,500.

Purchase: $1,500