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Astell&Kern Targets Audiophiles with a Sleek and Beautiful Headphone Amp

Seeing as wireless buds have flooded the market entirely, it’s refreshing to see certain names in the audial community aim to please audiophiles in a relatively traditional manner. Astell&Kern is no stranger to sound quality, and their latest unveil goes to show that they’re still in tune with the modern-day. With the ARCO CA1000 headphone amp, the brand is enabling listeners to get the most out of their music no matter where they are.

By implementing a folding touchscreen display that is strikingly similar to one of the brand’s trademark Hi-Fi music players, the brand has developed a state-of-the-art headphone amp that ensures renowned sonic standards. With the ability to connect a bevy of sound equipment thanks to its quartet of inputs and outputs, the amp supports 32bit playback and Native DSD512 playback. Most impressively, this powerful new device can be taken out and about thanks to its internal battery, allowing users to make use of the portable amplifier without a power supply. The ARCO CA1000 makes immaculate use of the South Korean brand’s trademark TERATON ALPHA sound solution, providing audiophiles with all the acoustics they need while shedding any unwanted sound. As we mentioned, this is still tailored to this day and age, meaning you can seamlessly connect to your speaker via Bluetooth. Finished off with a silver-plated shield and a rotatable screen, the latter does as much for performance as it does cosmetics, managing to shed any potential interferences between you and the music.

While it may seem as if these technical specs are solely tailored to detail-oriented listeners, the quality that Astell&Kern consistently offers borders unrivaled territory — after all, it’s easy to tell when your favorite song manages to sound even better than usual. Listen to your music the way it was intended by way of Astell&Kern’s ARCO CA1000, currently available through their website for $2,100.

Purchase: $2,100

Photo: Astell&Kern
Photo: Astell&Kern