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Apple Music Sing Is an iPhone-Friendly Take on a Karaoke Party

Photo: Apple

Whether at a karaoke bar, in the bedroom, or amid a long shower, singing along to our favorite songs is as genuine an act as there is. Now, Apple is looking to shine a light on this boundless pastime, as it has just announced Apple Music Sing, allowing listeners to sing alongside their library of lyrics.

A quartet of elements comprises this party-friendly mode, starting with adjustable vocals, allowing users to control each song’s vocal levels to take the reign behind the mic. Next, there are real-time lyrics, which was a given considering the listening service’s animated lyric section that typically scrolls independently. However, the difference here is that the words shift based on the song’s rhythm, providing solid insight into how you (and your friends) should be singing along.

The following two features get even more interesting as Sing offers background vocals and a Duet view. As far as the former goes, the vocal lines typically sung alongside the lead can now be animated independently to make them easier to follow. Meanwhile, the duet view allows multiple singers to show on opposite sides of your display, making it far easier to sing along in pairs and harmonize to your favorite Beatles songs and then some. Lastly, Apple has announced over 50 dedicated playlists upon the service’s release that are fully optimized for the new experience.

Apple Music Sing will be available this December to Apple Music subscribers worldwide, be it on iPhone, iPad, or the latest Apple TV model. Learn more about the unique tech on Apple’s website.