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Vollebak Reimagines the Lumberjack Shirt to Make It More Durable than Ever

Vollebak is well aware of how to craft novel outdoor garments, and they are yet to disappoint on that front. Even when the brand takes a simpler route when compared to their more extreme offerings, their innovative attention to detail is impossible to ignore, as is the case with their latest release. Introducing the Vollebak Lumberjacket, a three-layer piece of wool-crafted outerwear inspired by the overlooked figures that helped build this country from the ground up.

Transforming the iconic lumberjack’s plaid attire into a weatherproof, axe-wielding jacket is no easy task, but the British brand pulled it off with flying colors. That’s right, this sweet new piece is well equipped to hold a pair of axes, or any other tool for that matter, thanks to a pair of heavy-duty hanging loops on each side. Composition-wise, the Lumbjerjacket is lined with uber-sturdy Cordura and boasts Italian-made synthetic insulation crafted from a blend of polyester and recycled PET bottles. However, as far as its outer layer is concerned, Vollebak utilized 100% wool from the world-renowned Fox Brothers’ textile mill to make sure this jacket is not only flawlessly crafted but also prolifically timeless. Plus, thanks to its triple-stitched wool makeup, the woodsy tribute is capable of keeping you warm through the winter and at ease in the summertime. Boasting a pair of pockets large enough to carry an iPad, the lumberjacks of old would be perplexed by the modern technology behind the Lumberjacket.

Currently, the new piece is only available in one color — Grey-Green — but you can expect a pair of others (Purple and Thornproof) to be released in the coming days. The Lumberjacket is available now on Vollebak’s website for $595.

Purchase: $595