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The 10 Best Wool Caps to Wear in Winter

Photo: NOVICA x National Geographic GORE-TEX Hat

As one of the more ubiquitous pieces of headwear known to man, the baseball cap has served as one of the most versatile options for well over two centuries. Moreover, what many may overlook in regards to the hat’s original composition is its rather sartorial makeup. First crafted from a blend of wool and leather, they were once exclusively intended for baseball players to wear in-game. Nowadays, your standard, league-appropriate cap is crafted purely from polyester, and while they remain stylish across the board in their own right, the synthetic textile isn’t always our preferred cap composition — especially when accounting for the luxe materials once used to create this symbolic silhouette. That’s why we’ve come up with a guide to the best wool caps to wear this winter.

The beautiful thing about the baseball cap is its versatility, as they are available in countless colors, with various fastenings, and, to the chagrin of some in recent years, clad with one slogan too many. Accounting for just how many boutiques offer their own take on the classic cap, we sought out the perfect array of wool-crafted ones, not only in adherence to the colder months but to the style’s origin, too. So if you’re looking to keep your noggin warm without sacrificing that touch of sportiness, then this guide couldn’t have come at a better time.

L.L.Bean Wool-Blend Ball Cap

The Maine-based retailer is well-known for its outdoor equipment, but the majority of L.L.Bean’s catalog is fit to blend in with an urban environment nonetheless. As the ideal entry-level offering, the heritage brand’s ball cap is composed of a fuzzy fusion of wool, polyester, and a touch of rayon. Notably, it also boasts a Synthetic CoolMax sweatband for bolstered comfort and dryness assurance.

Purchase: $30

Everlane Wool Five-Panel Cap

Everlane is well known for its lowkey garments and ethical manufacturing factories, with one such Vietnam-based plant being responsible for crafting this cap that’s built for colder weather. Finished off with silver-colored hardware and sold in a single color, Red Rock, this hat is ready to take on just about any temperature. As a matter of fact, this emblematic wool five-panel is so popular that it quickly sold out, and Everlane is currently taking pre-orders for their upcoming re-stock — they’re just that good.

Purchase: $38

STAG Provisions LA Angels Wool Hat

If there’s one thing that has become abundantly clear over the past few decades, it is that you don’t need to know a single thing about baseball, or any other sport for that matter, to rock some team merch. Here, STAG Provisions is offering the opportunity to do so in a much more stylish manner with this wool cap that pays homage to the old Los Angeles Angels ball club that played in the Pacific Coast Minor League during the first half of the 20th century.

Purchase: $54

Patagonia Recycled Wool Ear Flap Cap

Patagonia is as vital a staple brand that this country has to offer, finding itself in the pantheon of Levi’s, The North Face, and just about anything else you connote with Americana. While their knit sweaters and sturdy rain jackets make up a large sum of their inventory, they’re adept at crafting anything of great quality, and the same goes for this cozy baseball cap. Crafted from entirely recycled materials and equipped with a pair of fleece earflaps, this water-repellent hat keeps you warm while keeping things green.

Purchase: $55

Ted Baker Raymend Puppytooth Baseball Cap

Ted Baker is no stranger to offering some stylish pieces across the board, and their headwear portfolio is just as versatile as the rest of their catalog. This puppytooth-patterned five-panel from the renowned British brand is built for the winter, crafted from a blend of polyester and wool with a touch of acrylic and polyamide, all the while serving as a surefire conversation starter that will bring out the professor in you. While houndstooth often garners all the attention, its younger sibling is very overlooked, and garments like these go to show why puppies are often preferable in every situation.

Purchase: $69

Icebreaker x Goldwin Brushed Merino Wool Cap

Icebreaker’s collection of sustainable clothing has oft delivered on their cognizant mindset with noteworthy garments, and that same mentality is carried on to their joint efforts. In collaboration with Goldwin, the Japanese outdoor clothiers that are known for adhering to anyone and everyone’s budget, Icebreaker has manufactured this 100% merino wool-crafted subtlety that is sure to keep you looking as stylish as whoever else you find yourself ski lodging with this winter. Plus, with an adjustable buckle fastening, it doesn’t lose its alfresco flair.

Purchase: $81

Carhartt WIP Highland Checked Baseball Cap

Carhartt’s streetwear sanction in Carhartt WIP is often held in high regard for the quality of their versatile, far more stylish garments when compared to their blue-collar progenitor. And items like this fashion-forward checked cap show why, while also managing to display just how much of a fallacy the brand’s title “work in progress” is, considering this black-and-white piece of headwear crosses the finish line in flying colors — metaphorically, we mean.

Purchase: $95

Belfry Donegal Wool Tweed Baseball Cap

With all due respect to other manufacturers you’ll find on this list,  Belfry is almost impossible to match in this particular category — at the end of the day, they craft absolutely nothing aside from classy hats suitable for Savile Row. Incredibly stylish, this Italian-made cap is equipped with a pair of earflaps but looks warm enough to the point where they may not even be necessary. Crafted from nothing but the finest Donegal wool tweed, this hat is about as classy as a baseball cap can get.

Purchase: $99

NOVICA x National Geographic GORE-TEX Baseball Cap

Needless to say, we are quite fond of anything bolstered by GORE-TEX, so this hat from the Santa Monica-bred e-commerce mainstay should come across as no surprise. Boasting an entirely water-resistant makeup, this cap contains hidden ear flaps and is part of a National Geographic joint effort. Known for being as environmentally ethical as they come, the world-renowned non-profit’s partner delivers on an all-weather-worthy cap that is sure to get you through the rainiest of days by keeping you dry, or even the driest days by keeping you fly.

Purchase: $100

Missoni Jacquard Baseball Cap

With a wide color palette and impeccable composition, the storied Italian fashion house has long known how to deliver garments boasting an array of hues in an honorable manner, and their hat composed of a sliver over 50% wool doesn’t fall short of their bright standard. Plus, thanks to its wide array of shades playing in the foreground of a garment-friendly nude color, it might just be one of the easiest caps to throw on with any outfit you find yourself wearing, especially if it’s a nice pair of classic blue jeans. Simply put, this is an awesome hat that is colorful enough to look good during next year’s holiday seasons and subtle enough to still be worn throughout 2022.

Purchase: $340

Honorable Mention

Loro Piana Cashmere Storm System Baseball Cap

Loro Piana is known for making garments from the finest textiles imaginable, making this hat a seamless addition to their catalog. While this much money for a hat may seem a bit extreme, it is crafted from the luxury brand’s patented Storm System-tech cashmere, allowing you to wear this enviously luxurious cap no matter what the weather forecast calls for. With a robust assortment of high-end pieces, the Italian brand often leaves no room for error, and this is just another example of Loro Piana’s commitment to excellence.

Purchase: $465

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