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The Best Men’s Coach Jackets For Any Season

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It’s true that a number of the 1990’s fabled styles have seen a dramatic resurgence in the last few years, and although guys were once only privy to leather and denim when it came to their insatiable lightweight jacket addiction, one surprising style, the coach jacket, found a way to break free from its modest, pitch-proven roots to topple the competition. Below, we’ll outline the best that you can get your hands on right now — whether you’re looking for a garment that will solidify your status as the head of the team, or perhaps just as a stylish streetwalker, we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking or in our well-informed best coach jackets guide.

The Best Coach Jackets

coach jacket history

The coach jacket (or coach’s jacket) started off as a respected, hierarchical piece of athletic-oriented outerwear that was traditionally worn by the most notable individual on the field: the coach. What began as a waterproof, windbreaker-esque garment utilized primarily within sports became a sensational (and detrimental) trademark of street style — eventually finding its niche as the iconic jacket utilized by various hip-hop groups during the 1990s. Revered ensembles like NWA and Public Enemy were seldom seen without their own personalized jackets, and soon, the silhouette would become synonymous with the culture and persona of everyday street life.

what defines a coach jacket?

The key to the iconic silhouette is, in fact, why it was popularized — a simplistic, minimally designed piece of outerwear that can stand up to the threat of rain, wind, and other inclement weather, all while retaining a lightweight but durable build. Urbanites everywhere have adopted the culturally adept jacket and integrated it into their everyday wardrobe, utilizing it with everything from casual, dressed-down outfits, all the way to tailored, fashion-forward ensembles.

Design: Coach jackets are difficult to confuse with other symbolic pieces of outerwear — they utilize a traditional windbreaker style that’s characterized by a classic pointed/folded collar, slanted or slashed hip pockets, and a snap button front to create a look that’s become one of the most iconic (and valued) aspects of every guy’s arsenal. Typically, a drawstring waist and elasticated cuffs are a mainstay, no matter the garment, and although modern designers have run rampant with everything from slim-fit, oversized, and downright “boxy” design principles, a tasteful coach jacket will always utilize the aforementioned characteristics.

How to style a coach jacket

You can easily elevate a coach jacket with a button-down and some nice pants, or you can dress for the court with other athletic apparel like a tracksuit and some sneakers. These jackets are highly versatile and can be comfortably worn in different weather, too (just nothing extreme).

Dickies Oakport Coaches Jacket

Dickies Oakport Coaches Jacket
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Runs a bit large

The Starter: Dickies is a widely renowned workwear brand, providing tried and true garments that stand up to the wear and tear of everyday life. Their Oakport Coaches Jacket stays right in line with the brand’s original mission, utilizing a water-resistant finish, and keeping it simple with two welt pockets on the hip. It’s constructed with nylon and provides an exceptional fit that’s sure to look and feel great.

Gap Organic Cotton Blend Fleece Coach Jacket

Gap Organic Cotton Blend Fleece Coach Jacket
  • Made with 66% organic cotton
  • Super soft
  • Can be a little baggy, may want to size down

The Sustainable Pick: Comfort and style can be sustainable too, which you can see in Gap’s Organic Cotton Blend Fleece Coach Jacket. It’s made with 66% organic cotton, so there’s no need to worry about harmful chemicals, and 14% recycled polyester. This soft knit jacket has a subtle look with a point collar, two front slant pockets, and a button front for some classic style. And don’t worry – the iconic drawstring is here in the interior of the front seams.

Wilson Midway Coach’s Jacket

Wilson Midway Coachs Jacket
  • Compact design
  • Made with 79% recycled nylon
  • N/A

The Classic: Wilson has a similar amount of history and status as the coach jacket does on the court. The sporting goods company has been around since 1913, and it’s a classic American brand with equipment that’s been used professionally for decades. So you can trust that this coach jacket is a safe bet, especially if you want one from an iconic label. This jacket was made to be compact, lightweight, and able to stretch without losing shape. It’s also quick-drying and wicks moisture, so it’s a perfect post-workout choice and can stand up to slightly rougher weather.

Fear of God Essentials Logo-Flocked Cotton-Blend Coach Jacket

Fear of God Essentials Logo Flocked Cotton Blend Coach Jacket
  • Subtle style
  • Cool 1977 graphic on the back
  • Need to hand wash

The Most Stylish Jacket: Since launching in 2018, Jerry Lorenzo’s more affordable Essentials label (a Fear of God sublabel) has quickly become a hit among both celebrities and everyday fashion heads. And you can see why with drops like this coach jacket right here, which is made with a cotton and polyester blend. It has a comfortable fit, the classic drawstring, and the elasticated cuffs you need in a true coach jacket.

Patagonia Men’s Lined Isthmus Coaches Jacket

Patagonia Mens Lined Isthmus Coaches Jacket
  • Made with recycled materials
  • Fair Trade Certified sewn
  • No interior pockets

The Best Winter Jacket: While Patagonia certainly isn’t known for its sportswear on the court, the sustainable outdoor label is no stranger to elevating activewear. Which they’ve done with this coach jacket that’s been ruggedized and built for cold weather. It has a durable water-repellent coating made with 100% post-consumer recycled nylon, and it’s lined with 100% recycled polyester fleece. So not only are you getting that iconic coach jacket silhouette, but a winter-ready garment that’s sustainably made.

Reigning Champ Corduroy Coach’s Jacket

Reigning Champ Corduroy Coachs Jacket
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Soft lining
  • No drawstring

The Best Corduroy Jacket: Reigning Champ is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to athletic apparel, and there’s hardly a better fit for the coach jacket than a brand that takes its designs to heart. The Corduroy Coach’s Jacket is a perfect piece of outerwear, boasting a satin interior lining, bias-cut welt pockets, and a zipper closure to keep everything in line. It has that distinct corduroy look and feel, while tasteful RC branding can be found printed throughout the jacket’s exterior.

Nanamica 2L GORE-TEX Coach Jacket

Nanamica 2L GORE TEX Coach Jacket
  • Waterproof
  • Lining made with KODENSHI polyester
  • Expensive

The Best GORE-TEX Jacket: nanamica is a Japanese fashion label that started in 2003, and was an early pioneer of the outdoor chic style that’s still popular to this day (if not more). And this coach jacket from the label is definitely outdoor chic, because it takes the iconic style and adds some GORE-TEX. Specifically, the outer shell is made of a polyester twill and GORE-TEX blend that’s waterproof but still breathable. It also has a mesh lining made with KODENSHI polyester and washi yarn.

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