The USA-Made ONITIS 45 Is A Bombproof Cooler Built For Adventure

YETI holds the unofficial title for “toughest cooler on the planet,” but Rugged Road Outdoors is gunning for the number one spot with their latest offering. According to the outdoor gear company, the Rugged Road Outdoors ONITIS 45 Cooler has a higher strength-to-weight ratio than any other ice box in the world.

Unlike YETI’s coolers, the ONITIS is made from foam, ditching the roto-molded plastic shell construction. A proprietary spray that was initially used to make the Pentagon blast-resistant is used on the cooler to make it unbelievably strong. It also floats, has a reversible lid with cupholders, and can hold up to 64 cans of your favorite beer with 20 pounds of ice. The super lightweight American-made cooler was also put through some rigorous testing, including holding up a 5,000-pound Jeep, keeping ice cool in 90°F weather for about a week, and stopping an arrow from a compound bow. Back this project today for $115 and receive the nearly indestructible cooler later this fall.

Kickstarter: $115