Roofnest Upgrades Its Falcon Tent with Blacked Out Canvas & a Lower Profile

If you’re not familiar with Roofnest yet, you should be sooner rather than later. The Boulder-bred manufacturer is adept at building, you guessed it, rooftop tents — and its premier option has just garnered a major makeover. By taking the Falcon tent and turning it on its head, the brand has somehow managed to make it withstand even more challenges.

In efforts to reduce condensation and provide a lower profile within the tent, Roofnest implemented a layered construction to its top shell, composed of two aluminum sheets rounded out with insulated foam sandwiched between the two. Bolstering its makeup is the familiar honeycomb aluminum-constructed bottom shell, now equipped with a pair of accessory channels that can withstand up to 75 pounds of equipment, be it camping gear or tools.

In addition to its ability to carry a literal truckload of accessories, the uber-durable Falcon 2 also boasts a unique composition. The tent itself is composed of a 320g recycled poly-cotton blend that has been touched up with blackout coating on the interior, which does a great job at blocking out any unwanted light when you’re looking to get some shut-eye.

If you’re gearing up for your next adventure, then this new rooftop tent might be the way to go. Roofnest’s Falcon 2 is available on its website for $3,595. For that price, you also receive an 8.5-foot ladder, an anti-condensation mat, a privacy tent, and more.

Purchase: $3,595

Photo: Roofnest