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Ressence Evolves Its Type 1 Model to the Slimmer Type 1° Round

Ressence Type 1 Round 0 Hero
Photo: Ressence

As a quintessential example in the watch world when it comes to blending minimalism with unconventional designs, Ressence has built a catalog that’s instantly recognizable and never duplicated. And yet, if you’re familiar with that catalog, you might wonder how the cult-favorite boutique brand has managed to work within the confines of its seemingly limited template. All of Ressence’s timepieces utilize that same design language and outside-the-box format that places its subdials on the same orbiting plane as its minute hand (this is called the Ressence Orbital Convex System). When a new model or variant gets introduced, the changes are often granular but still significant. Some call it good branding. We call it innovative individuality. 

Ressence Type 1 Round 1
Photo: Ressence

Fresh off of issuing a sage green version of its most-minimal Type 8 model last week, the Belgium-based firm goes back to its original classic for reinvention. Originally called Series Zero when first released in 2010, the model got revamped and renamed Type 1 in 2014. Now, it’s time for another evolution of the watch in the form of the Type 1° Round. Once again, not much has changed and, at first glance, the differences may seem underwhelming. However, we guarantee that these updates are indeed crucial to helping define the future of the brand.

Ressence Type 1 Round 2
Photo: Ressence

The “major” changes come with the case design and dial configuration. Tapping its Type 3 model, which plasters the actual dial reading over nearly half of the case’s surface area — including the sides — the Type 1° Round aims for that same pebble-like shape, but keeps the dial firmly underneath the double-domed sapphire crystal. Ressence then removes the crown entirely and slims down the case so that it looks less square from the side compared to the Type 1. Within the 42.7mm titanium case, the dial gets a little more simplified, removing the 5-minute markers from the minute track on the outer ring. Also, the font type has been updated and the weekend markers on the small days-of-the-week subdial have been colored orange and conjoined.

Ressence Type 1 Round 3
Photo: Ressence

Debuting in either black or Night Blue (this time featuring a sunray pattern), the Type 1° Round is priced at CHF16,800 (~$18,323) and will be available this June.