Eames Office & Reebok Team for an Eames Lounge Chair-Inspired Club C 85

While Reebok and Eames Office have joined forces in the past to churn out some noteworthy kicks, the two brands are yet to acknowledge Charles and Ray Eames’ most notable design: the eternally-coveted Eames Lounge Chair — until now, that is. The latest sneaker in this partnership is a Club C 85 that serves as an excellent tribute to the iconic mid-century modern design relic.

The new release is composed of a brown leather upper with dark graining meant to resemble the rosewood plywood you’ll find on the most sought-after vintage examples of the Eames Lounge Chair. As far as comfort is concerned, this is where Reebok’s standard materials come to play, like a foam sock liner and a cozy brown terrycloth lining. Other embellishments throughout the pair include a woven Eames label on each shoe and an additional pair of laces if you want to switch things up a bit.

As two major players in design, it’s great to see the Eames’ refined sense of craftsmanship acknowledged in the world of fashion. Previous collaborations between Reebok and the late couples’ license-holders have been impressive in their own right, including a sneaker that takes after the design firm’s signature dot pattern. Nevertheless, it’s hard to top the Eames Lounge Chair in any form, even if it’s simply footwear.

We couldn’t think of a better way to wear these than kicking your feet up on one of the Eames Lounge Chair’s matching ottomans. Whether you have one in your home or not, you can pick up the Reebok x Eames Office Club C 85: Lounge Chair on Eames Office’s site for $120 this June.

Purchase: $120