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Tuthil’s Carbon & Titanium-Laden Porsche 911K Restomod Weighs In At Only 1,874LBs

Photos: Tuthill Porsche

While there’s no shortage of companies wrenching on and modifying Porsches, very few operate on the same level as Tuthill Porsche. After winning the 1993 London-Sydney Rally in a custom-built 911 — and then spending the next several years serving as a factory works WRC driver — Francis Tuthill has taken his immense knowledge and applied it to churning out upgraded 911s. And while Tuthill already offers services for race, rally, and road-going models — as well as restoration services — the famed Porsche tuner is now branching out into producing restomods — the first of which is the Tuthill Porsche 911K.

At the heart of the 911K is a custom-tuned 3.1-liter short-stroke four-valve engine that redlines at 11,000rpm. The straight-six has also been mated to a magnesium six-speed 915 K gearbox with a carbon fiber cross-member. Riding on a set of 15” Fuchs-inspired wheels made from carbon fiber, the 911K features a top-of-the-line suite of running gear including two-way rally dampers and carbon ceramic discs bit by custom-developed Tuthill calipers. Decorated in a hand-painted Porsche crest, the exterior of the RSR-style 911 features a carbon fiber roof, doors, rear quarter panels, front wings, high-pressure front underwing, hood, and decklid — the latter of which sports a titanium badge.

The interior of the car also gets titanium torsion and anti-roll bars, a Tuthill Porsche competition pedal box, a full titanium rear roll cage, carbon fiber seats trimmed in Ultra Fabric upholstery and decked out in custom embroidery, bespoke lightweight windows, a carbon RS steering wheel, a carbon hydraulic hand brake, a carbon dash, a titanium gear shift, and door cards, back seat wells, and an entire rear bulkhead that are all crafted from carbon fiber, as well. The beyond liberal use of carbon fiber and titanium have enabled the 911K to weigh in at only 1,874lbs at the curb — more than 525lbs less than a Mazda Miata. Other noteworthy elements include a competition-spec wiring harness, a custom oil tank, and a carbon fiber plenum.

The Porsche 911 ‘911K’ Restomod by Tuthill Porsche is available for order now. For more details or info on pricing, you can contact the shop via its website.

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Photo: Tuthill Porsche
Photo: Tuthill Porsche
Photo: Tuthill Porsche