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Porsche Honors Its 30-Year Relationship with Thailand with Ultra-Colorful 911 Models

Porsche Thailand Dreams in Colours Limited Edition 0 Hero
Photo: Porsche

When you dreamed of owning a Porsche as a kid, chances are you had a specific color exterior in mind. Since debuting the iconic 911 Carrera, the German marque has released the luxury sports car in numerous coats, with even more coming from aftermarket tuners and the like, much to the chagrin of some purists. However, until today, we hadn’t seen a Porsche (regardless of the model) with seven different hues given to the livery — let alone from Porsche itself.

Porsche Thailand Dreams in Colours Limited Edition 1
Photo: Porsche

Honoring 30 years since the first time its vehicles were imported for the Thai market, Porsche has unveiled a series of seven 911 Carrera GTS models — each with its own brightly colored exterior — as well as a one-off version that features all seven colors at once. Tracing back to ancient customs, the people of Thailand don’t just celebrate the calendar date of their birthdays but the day of the week on which they were born as well. Influenced by Hindu mythology, the tradition assigns a unique color to each god, which they believe protects a different celestial body. And since the days of the week have etymological roots in these planets, as well as the Moon and Sun, it’s not uncommon to wear your respective color on your birthday.

Porsche Thailand Dreams in Colours Limited Edition 2
Photo: Porsche

In respect to that tradition, the new limited-edition Porsche 911 Carrera GTS 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition models come in red, yellow, pink, green, orange, blue, and purple — each meticulously colored and supervised by the colorists at its in-house Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur division. The vehicles are each given other bespoke touches, such as two-tone wheels and brake calipers that sport the exterior color, matching interior trims, black corduroy seat inlays, and a rear decklid featuring the colors of the Thai flag. If this all weren’t bold enough, Porsche also unveiled its one-of-a-kind Inspiration Car seven-tone variant at a special gala event, showcasing all the colors evenly across the exterior, which was hand-painted by the firm. 

Porsche Thailand Dreams in Colours Limited Edition 3
Photo: Porsche

There’s no word yet on pricing or when these vehicles will be available, but they will likely be exclusive to the Thai market. To learn more about the Porsche 911 Carrera GTS 30 Years Porsche Thailand Edition models, head over to Porsche’s website.