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Abimelec Design Unveils a ‘Miami Vice’-Style Rambo Lambo 6×6 Concept

Photos: Abimelec Design

Approximately two years ago, renowned concept artist Abimelec Arellano debuted a Lamborghini LM002 6×6 concept affectionately known as the “Sei per Sei,” (Italian for “six by six”). However, after recently seeing a 1980s Countach in an ultra-rare factory paint job, the Sonora, Mexico-based designer was inspired to revisit his 2019 concept, lightly modifying the design and bestowing it with a new livery.

Originally influenced by Mercedes’ and Hennessey’s 6×6 trucks, Abimelec’s LM002 6×6 gains an extra axle and set of wheels while retaining its factory V12 engine. On top of revising the Sei per Sei’s yacht-style teak-lined bed, the concept has also now been cloaked in a “Bleu Tahiti” paint job, an ultra-rare PPG Acrillico Lacquer livery utilized by Lamborghini during its Countach production run that would appear on only half-a-dozen supercar specimens between December of 1984 and July of 1990. Additionally, the Bleu Tahiti paint digs have also been paired with contrasting white wheels and an all-white interior, plus the previously-black custom framework lining the bed has been recreated in chrome — both of which help to further the project’s Miami Vice-like theme.

To round out this impressive project, Abimelec Arellano has rendered the Lamborghini 6×6 in a palm tree-lined Miami parking lot at sunset, before slapping a bespoke “6×6 002” Florida license plate onto the truck. Check out Abimelec’s Instagram for more of this sunny ’80s Rambo Lambo.

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Photo: Abimelec Design
Photo: Abimelec Design
Photo: Abimelec Design