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HYMER’s Venture S Transforms a Class B RV into a Large Living Space

During the global pandemic, we saw a natural uptick in RV and camper sales. Living and traveling on the road were viable options for those whose work and school were halted indefinitely. Since then, RV companies have been upping their game as well, with innovative, clever, and stylish iterations of their flagship campers or entirely new models altogether.

Perhaps the biggest dilemma when picking a new RV is size versus function. While smaller vehicles are better for traversing winding roads and busy cities, the larger models will give you more utility and interior space. HYMER unveiled its VisionVenture concept class B three years ago — months before the pandemic was underway. Enthusiasts were excited about the prospects of a mobile home that utilized the small space of a Mercedes Sprinter with the capabilities of an RV twice its size. That concept has now become a reality with Venture S.

Aside from its eye-catching interior, the Venture S has given users more function without sacrificing real estate to do so. While typical class B RVs require you to pack up the living space at night in order to roll out the bed, HYMER’s new vehicle allows riders to sleep in an automatic pop-up loft that can be accessed via illuminated stairs, which also double as storage compartments. To ensure the climate stays controlled inside the Instant Loft, it’s enclosed inside pneumatic walls lined with four layers of insulation. Equipped with solar panels on top, the vehicle also comes with state-of-the-art control systems, including a firmness adjuster for the mattress itself, ambient lighting, and versatile charging stations.

Also including a mobile office, Smart Kitchen, and surprisingly-luxurious expandable bathroom, the Venture S is doing a big part in evolving the way we travel in this modern camper revival. You can purchase yours on HYMER’s website with configurations starting at €225,000 (~$224,933).

Purchase: $224,993+

Photo: HYMER
Photo: HYMER