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Hypetex Unveil a Titanium Carbon-Bodied BAC Mono R

Briggs Automotive Company x Hypetex Mono R 0 Hero
Photos: Hypetex

Hypetex is a UK-based company specializing in producing lightweight materials, more specifically custom-colored carbon fiber composites. And while you may not have heard of Hypetex, you’ll no doubt be familiar with some of the names the outfit has worked with, such as Jaguar, McLaren, and Ford Performance, just to name a few. In a bid to demonstrate the capabilities and potential of its new titanium carbon fiber twill composite, Hypetex has partnered with fellow British firm the Briggs Automotive Company to deliver an even more lightweight, custom-bodied version of the BAC Mono R

Briggs Automotive Company x Hypetex Mono R 1
Photo: Hypetex

Weighing in at 1,223.5lbs fully-fueled and ready-to-go, the regular BAC Mono R is already an incredibly capable vehicle, with this ultra-high-performance road-legal go-kart packing a 342-hp 2.5-liter Mountune inline-four engine that allows for a 2.5-second 0-60mph time and a top speed of around 200mph. In a bid to further bolster the Mono R’s stellar performance, Hypetex has taken a new example and replaced its usual Graphene-enhanced carbon composite bodywork with its own new titanium carbon fiber twill construction. 

Briggs Automotive Company x Hypetex Mono R 2
Photo: Hypetex

Created as an official collaboration between Hypetex and the BAC Bespoke Programme, this titanium carbon-bodied Mono R has been cloaked in a crystalized lacquer that affords a unique finish and leaves this cutting-edge weave on full display. What’s more, this special coating adds only 17 grams of weight for every square meter that it covers — more than eight-times less than paint covering the same area normally weighs. Ultimately built for a US-based collector, this one-of-one example has also been bestowed with special yellow accents adorning this Mono R’s mirrors, brake calipers, and intake cone. Hypetex hasn’t cited a curb weight for the vehicle now that it’s wearing its more advanced bodywork, however, we imagine at least a few pounds have been shaved off collectively — bolstering the capabilities of what was already a world-class road-legal track weapon.

Briggs Automotive Company x Hypetex Mono R 3
Photo: Hypetex

While the Briggs Automotive Company x Hypetex Mono R is a one-off, we wouldn’t be surprised to eventually see this ultra-lightweight yet rugged material start popping up in other places as titanium carbon fiber becomes more widely adopted.