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Shane Baxley’s ‘B A X Moto Mk3’ Is a Super Futuristic All-Electric Motorcycle Concept

Photos: Shane Baxley

Based in West Hollywood, California, Shane Baxley is an Art Center College of Design-trained art director, illustrator, concept artist, and production designer with a wildly-impressive resume that includes a laundry list of credits on high-profile projects and productions. For the last few years, we’ve closely followed Baxley’s work, namely his vehicle designs which are growing increasingly impressive with each new concept, as evidenced by his latest work, the “B A X Moto Mk3.”

Also seemingly known as the “LIGHTWORKER ,” Baxley’s third-generation two-wheeler comes on the heels of his hubless hub-steered e-bike concept from last summer, and clearly demonstrates the strides the concept artist has made over the subsequent year. The Mk3 is pieced together around a custom tubular frame design that houses an EV battery pack and motor. The chassis has also been paired with a mono-shocked rear-end with an underslung linkage and a braced USD fork fitted with a dual front disc Brembo brakes setup. The chain-driven electric motorcycle also sports a modern angular take on a half-fairing paired with a matching belly-pan, GP-style switchgear, an asymmetrical tri-beam headlight arrangement, projector-style front turn signals mounted on brackets that double as aerodynamic winglets, a lower pair of mini winglets, and a sporty bobber-style seat that, when paired with the Mk3’s clip-on handlebars, makes for an aggressive hunched-over riding position.

Based on the progression the artist has shown over the last 14 months, we’re chomping at the bit to see what kind of concepts Baxley will be churning out in another year’s time. To get a closer look at the B A X Moto Mk3 or to view the rest of the designer’s portfolio, you can check out his website.

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Photo: Shane Baxley
Photo: Shane Baxley
Photo: Shane Baxley