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Khyzyl Saleem Turns the Alfa Romeo GTV-6 into a Slammed Shooting Brake

Photos: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty

For years, we’ve been big fans of the work of renowned concept artist Khyzyl Saleem. More recently, we’ve been particularly fond of Hagerty’s ongoing Rendered series on YouTube, as it gives in-depth, behind-the-scenes looks at the Guildford-based Manchester native’s design process. And while we’ve legitimately been blown away by the series’ first half-dozen installments, the Kyza’s latest work sees him turn his attention to one of our favorite cars of all time, the Alfa Romeo GTV-6.

Starting with a pre-made 3D model of GTV-6, Saleem has brought this project to life using a combination of Autodesk 3ds Max and Corona Renderer. As per usual, the self-taught concept artist began by treating the Alfetta to his signature style of ultra-flared fenders. From there, the car was further built out with a modern aero kit, lengthening the Alfa’s front lip and supplementing the nose with a front splitter, before lowering the entire car onto a set of ultra-wide wheels that pay tribute to the stock items found on the earlier GTV.

Alongside the wide body kit, the most noticeable modification to the original vehicle is that the Kyza has taken the stock coupe’s sport-back-style rear end and transformed it into a shooting brake. Appropriately wearing Alfa’s Quadrifoglio clover badges, the Type 116’s 2.5L V6 now ejects spent fumes from a central dual exhaust setup peeking out from just beneath the car’s rear bumper. Rather than adorning GTV-6 in the classic Italian Rosso Corsa livery, Saleem instead opted to look back to the marque’s competition history, selecting a contrasting blue and yellow paint scheme that cloaked the exterior of many of Alfa Romeo’s vintage race cars.

Aside from simply sporting a beautiful design, another factor that separates this project from the Kyza’s other rendered rides is the fact that Saleem has leaned into the objectively impractical nature of this car — a luxury he can afford considering this machine likely won’t ever be brought to fruition. As such, the GTV-6 allowed Khyzyl to freely employ all the dramatic and over-the-top visual elements that would normally hinder an actual car’s performance and driveability. And, based on the immense success of the first seven installments, we’re chomping at the bit to see Hagerty and Saleem’s next Rendered episode.

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Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty
Photo: Khyzyl Saleem | Hagerty