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Bugatti Unveils the Production-Ready Version of its 2025 Bolide Production Hypercar

2025 Bugatti Bolide Production Hypercar 0 Hero
Photos: Bugatti

In October of 2020, Bugatti unveiled the next evolutionary step in its range of track-only hypercars with the Bolide concept. After generating an enomorous amount of hype, the company would then reveal plans to build a limited run of 40 units of the forthcoming W16-powered hypercar. And now, following extensive testing, Bugatti has finally unveiled the production-ready Bolide hypercar prototype. 

2025 Bugatti Bolide Production Hypercar 1
Photo: Bugatti

While most concept cars are heavily watered down by the time they reach their final production form, Bugatti isn’t most companies. Boasting a nearly identical set of LMdH-style bodywork, this track-only hypercar features a state-of-the-art composite chassis draped an ultra-advanced aero kit that keeps the Bolide pinned to the tarmac. Everything from the X-design LED headlights to the massive rear diffuser and rear wing to the idiosyncratic quad-exhaust setup have all made their way onto the final production car. At the heart of the car is a quad-turbo 8.0-liter W16 engine that makes 1,578hp and 1,180ft-lbs of torque. 

2025 Bugatti Bolide Production Hypercar 2
Photo: Bugatti

Not only does the engine allow the cutting-edge hypercar to achieve a 0-60mph time of just 2.17 seconds, but it also enables the Bolide to reach a top speed of 310mph. These wildly impressive performance figures are also owed to the fact that the Bolide tips the scales at less than 3,200lbs (dry). In lieu of the Chiron’s carbon-ceramic brakes, the Bolide gets an even more high-specced set of Brembo-co-developed carbon-carbon brakes that feature special carbon fiber covers to protect the car’s 18” center-locking wheels from the enormous heat generated by the new braking system. This limited-to-40 model also features a drive unit that’s three times stiffer than the Chiron’s, as well as 3D-printed titanium rockers and specially-developed LMdH-spec Michelin racing slicks.

2025 Bugatti Bolide Production Hypercar 3
Photo: Bugatti

Restricted to only 40 units worldwide, the 2025 Bugatti Bolide Hypercar is slated to design deliveries in 2024. Pricing for the track-only model has been set at €4,000,000 (~ $4,392,000).