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Mercedes Pulls The Curtain Back on the 2024 E-Class Wagon

2024 Mercedes E Class Wagon 0 Hero
Photos: Mercedes

Although the first Mercedes with the E-Class name was released in 1993 with the W124, the German marque Mercedes has technically been making them since 1953 when the Ponton came out. Since then, the line of luxury cars has become loved by Mercedes and car fans alike for their durability and size. And when Mercedes announced the 10th-generation E-Class sedan last month (the W214 that’s also available in a hybrid option), fans knew that a wagon was likely around the corner. So here we are today as Mercedes has unveiled the 2024 Mercedes E Class Estate, a sporty wagon with generous space that has a hybrid option available at launch.

2024 Mercedes E Class Wagon 1
Photo: Mercedes

As for the design of this car, the roof and side profile have been elongated and designed to be more dynamic. You can also expand the storage from ~21 cubic square feet to ~64, and the hybrid model can go from ~16 cubic square feet to ~59. The hybrid 2024 Mercedes E Class Estate (E300e) combines a classic diesel engine with an integrated starter engine to provide an electric output of 129 hp (204 hp total), 405 lbs of torque, and an electric range of up to ~62 miles. Inside the Estate, we have the sleek MBUX superscreen, which provides the driver with a separate driver’s display and a screen above the center console. Additionally, there’s an optional front passenger screen that blends in with the superscreen, providing the passenger with entertainment options without sacrificing useful information for the driver.

2024 Mercedes E Class Wagon 2
Photo: Mercedes

Three versions of the 2024 Mercedes E Class Estate will be available at launch: the E200 with 204 hp, the E220d with 197 hp, and the E300e hybrid.

2024 Mercedes E Class Wagon 3
Photo: Mercedes

The 2024 Mercedes E Class Estate’s three versions listed above will be (as it stands now) exclusive to Europe when it comes out this fall.