Michter’s Landmark $6,000 Celebration Sour Mash Whiskey Is Returning After Four Years

Photo: Michter's

It’s not too often that we get an ultra-luxury whiskey from the United States. Back in 2013, Michter’s Celebration Sour Mash wasn’t just among the first multi-thousand-dollar American whiskeys ever bottled but it made a bold statement that echoed throughout the industry and community, which was that our own domestic spirits could have value as well.

Ten years later, the Kentucky distillery is unveiling its fourth-ever Celebration Sour Mash, and the first since 2019. Only yielding 328 bottles at 112.8 proof, this new edition will consist of a small batch of 7 barrels ranging in age from 12 to over 30 years old. Three of the barrels contained Kentucky straight bourbon, while four were Kentucky straight rye whiskey.

The tasting notes of the blend consist of caramel, orange, vanilla, honey, and milk chocolate, with hints of creme brulee and molasses. Priced at a staggering $6,000, the 750mL bottles will be presented in a beautiful display box that opens up and features a small drawer underneath, inside of which contains a letter hand-signed by Master Distiller Dan McKee.

Celebration Sour Mash was supposed to come out last year but supply chain issues caused delays in its packaging. Shipments for the whiskey will begin in February. Learn more on Michter’s website.