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LEGO Aims for 1980s Nostalgia with a 2,532-Piece Atari 2600 Set

LEGO has been on an undeniable roll in the past couple of weeks, as the Danish toymaker has wheeled out one impressive set after another. That said, it just revealed what might be its most nostalgia-inducing build to date. In celebration of Atari’s 50th Anniversary, LEGO has put forth its brick-built take on the iconic 2600 console.

The 2,532-piece build is overflowing with details, and each one proves to be as authentic as the last. We’ll start with the front panel, which is composed of both black and woodgrain-inspired bricks, then rounded out with the console’s unmistakable functioning switches. It even features an ‘80s-era gaming room diorama when you lift the panel. This part of the model is fully kitted with old-school posters, a CRT television, and an ecstatic kid playing games with a red can of soda to his side — it doesn’t get much more realistic than that.

The model even consists of a functioning joystick and three timeless game cartridges, including Centipede, Adventure, and Asteroids. In a similar fashion as LEGO’s spin on the Nintendo Entertainment System, you can build scenescapes for each game using pieces included with the model. For authenticity’s sake, you can stow the cartridges away in a brick-made holding case. Lastly, in case you aren’t convinced that LEGO sets are appropriate for adults, designer Chris McVeigh said that “Working on this project in time for ATARI’s 50th Anniversary was a dream come true.”

Wistful gamers will find it hard to believe that this iconic video game pioneer is turning 50, but products like this prove that Atari’s legacy is eternal. LEGO’s Atari 2600 will be available starting August 1 for $240.

Purchase: $240

Photo: LEGO