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The James Brand’s First Bottle Opener Is Made of Grade 5 Titanium Billet

The TJB Titanium Bottle Opener 0 Hero
Photos: The James Brand

With a little over ten years of experience now, Portland-based company The James Brand has established itself as an authority in the EDC space thanks to reliable and elegantly minimalist gear. If you’ve had your eye on the space, you’re probably well aware of the brand’s status and modern takes on classic knives, multi-tools, and other products. There’s no denying the label’s impressive catalog, but there are a few pieces of gear that The James Brand hasn’t attempted yet, like a bottle opener. That all changes with the release of The TJB Titanium Bottle Opener, a sleek and ergonomic titanium keychain bottle opener.

The TJB Titanium Bottle Opener 1
Photo: The James Brand

The team over at The James Brand went all out on its first bottle opener, calling upon a lightweight (coming in at 29 grams) Grade 5 titanium billet construction that makes it incredibly durable. It’s designed to be added to a keychain, with a space that also works as a lanyard hole, and features an ergonomic shape that makes it easy to get leverage on your beverage. On the corner, there’s a mini driver providing some added utility, and it measures 0.75’ wide and 2.7” tall. 

The TJB Titanium Bottle Opener 2
Photo: The James Brand

The catch here is that you can’t just buy the bottle opener by itself (even though it’s listed as $99); you’ll have to spend at least $300 on The James Brand’s website. But TJB is in the holiday spirit, and is throwing it in for free on all orders that meet the requirement. Keep in mind that this is only while supplies last, so you’ll have to jump on the deal soon if you’re interested. 

The TJB Titanium Bottle Opener 3
Photo: The James Brand

The TJB Titanium Bottle Opener is available now for free on orders over $300 (in just the titanium color at the time of writing), and you can grab some more gear through the label’s site for eligibility.