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iKamper’s Disco Series Skillet Brings Modular Cooking Outdoors

With the advent of Traeger’s WiFi-enabled pellet grills, the barbecue space is experiencing a tech-forward paradigm shift. Nowadays, seemingly every offering from companies is loaded with sensors to track all variables of the cooking process. In fact, smart grills have become so ubiquitous that companies have even started to offer portable pellet grills. While many pitmasters are embracing this wave, there are still those who crave a more stripped-down cooking experience. Korean-based gear company iKamper is catering to that very crowd with the launch of their Disco Series cooking system.

Named after the Spanish word for disc, the Disco Series cooking system is a modular kit that uses a repurposed metal plow disc as a cooking surface. The groovy outdoor cooking system consists of four components: Disco Skillet, Disco Tripod, Disco Stove, and Disco Table. The Disco Skillet has a Meehanite cast iron construction that underwent a proprietary process to augment its durability and also features a non-stick premium enamel coating. This coating is special in that it allows you to wash the Disco Skillet with soap and water, which is a near blasphemous offense to cast iron users as soap usually erases the seasoning on traditional cast iron pans. The Disco Tripod is made of heavy-duty, thick, heat-resistant anodized aluminum and features a pulley system and chain to be used for cooking over the butane or propane-powered Disco Stove. Moreover, the Disco Tripod has fully adjustable legs that allow you to cook sitting down or standing up. Rounding out this compact setup is the Disco Table, which can act as a cutting board or dining surface. The Disco Table’s furniture-grade, waterproof birch plywood build makes it ideal to tackle the outdoor elements.

Whether you’re looking for a minimalist cooking setup for your backyard or for your outdoor excursions, the Disco Series’ modular design, compact build, and lean 27-pound weight make it ideal for anyone wanting to cook over an open flame. The Disco Series retails for $490, and you can preorder it on iKamper’s Kickstarter.

Kickstarter: $400+

Photo: iKamper