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Bring the Heat to Any Outdoor Adventure with Ignik’s FireCan Portable Fire Pit

We’ve been documenting the recent boom in the camping space for a couple of years now, and its momentum shows no sign of slowing down. Throughout the space, we are seeing an unprecedented amount of growth and innovation. It seems that not a week can go by without a new company creating an innovative piece of gear that overhauls a timeless staple. In this case, we have Ignik, an eco-friendly gear brand that specializes in making quality heating products. The Seattle company is making waves with its latest offering, the FireCan.

It’s no secret at all that building a fire is one of the most important tasks for camping. While there is a bevy of firestarters on the market, many of them aren’t sustainable, and many people who start fires cut down precious trees to fuel them. The FireCan seeks to change that with its simple yet effective design. Acting as a portable fire pit, the FireCan is safe, easy to use, compact, and features four standing legs which make it compliant with burn bans. To use the FireCan, simply plug in its propane hose to a tank, insert a lighter into the lighting port, and voila, you have a more sustainable bonfire — especially when used in conjunction with the brand’s reusable gas growler (sold separately).

The genius of the FireCan’s design comes by way of its mesh construction, which allows for a greater dispersal of heat. Of course, the FireCan wouldn’t be a good fire pit if it didn’t bring the heat; thankfully, it offers a stout 38,000 BTU which will easily keep a group of people warm on a cold day. Aside from its power and sustainability, the FireCan comes with an easy-to-carry, removable lid for efficient traveling.

The FireCan’s well-thought ammo can design not only helps prevent forest fires and warm your camping group, but also it gives campers the ability to camp in areas with strict burn bans without breaking the rules and risking a wildfire. Ignik’s FireCan retails for $200 and is available for purchase on its website.

Purchase: $200

Photo: Ignik