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Hands-On: Gerber’s Stake Out Multi-tool is Purpose Built for the Outdoors

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In addition to being trained in basic survival and outdoor skills, the biggest difference between simply surviving in nature versus full-on thriving often boils down to being armed with the right gear. While this typically requires possessing a variety of equipment, there are products that manage to afford the preparedness and utility of a myriad of different items in a single, compact package. Case in point; Gerber’s all-new Stake Out camping multi-tool. 

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Meeting A Pocketable Powerhouse

Basic Specs & Features Of The Gerber Stake Out

The Gerber Stake Out is constructed around a stainless steel chassis that’s offered in one of three different finishes and features an 11-in-1 design that affords an incredible amount of utility in a super pocketable form. This bevy of functionality includes a pair of folding scissors, an awl, a file, tweezers, a ruler, and a bottle opener. The Stake Out’s main item is a 2.20” modified Wharncliffe blade which is secured with an ultra-sturdy frame-lock mechanism and bestowed with a plain-edge Scandi grind — a type of grind that was selected due to pretty much universally being considered the best choice for survival and bushcraft applications. More importantly, Gerber’s Stake Out also sports a handful of outdoor-specific amenities that aren’t typically present on most multi-tools. On top of a carabiner that’s been integrated into the Stake Out’s rugged steel frame, it’s also been outfitted with a tent stake pulling hook, a wood saw, and a Ferro rod striker — the latter of which can be removed and struck against the multi-tool’s steel elements to create a shower of sparks. Contrasting the frame, the entire suite of tools also sports a black stonewashed finish.

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Standing Out From The Crowd

What Makes The Gerber Stake Out Special

Part of the Portland brand’s new More Than Ready Collection, the Gerber Stake Out has been engineered from the ground up specifically for off-grid use. On top of possessing a level of craftsmanship and durability that allows it to stand up to dirt, grime, the elements, and other abuse gear faces in nature, the Stake Out also features nearly a dozen tools and functions that have all been selected for their conduciveness to outdoor applications. This includes several novel functions that have never before appeared on a multi-tool — let alone one of this size. Rather than boasting an oddly-sized bit driver, an electrical crimper, or other items that provide little to no value or use in nature, every tool present on the Stake Out actually provides real-world utility and was chosen based on the fact they would all receive frequent use. 

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Further separating the Gerber Stake Out from other multi-tools on the market is the new model’s smaller details such as its custom Gerber-branded hardware. Other elements present on the Stake Out also make it abundantly clear just how thoroughly considered of a design the new camp multi-tool possesses, such as its Ferro rod striker being finished in a high-visibility orange color that mitigates the likelihood of losing or misplacing this incredibly useful — and potentially lifesaving — item. Additionally, while the Stake Out was clearly designed to maximize utility, it’s also been engineered with a focus on keeping its footprint to a minimum. At 4.50″ L x 0.75″ W (closed), the Stake Out is incredibly pocketable, making it an excellent addition to any hiking or backpacking loadout, as well as regular off-roading or camp kits. 

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A Guaranteed Lifetime Of Use

Another facet of the Stake Out that makes it special is the manner in which its manufacturer stands behind the product. Despite its admittedly rugged construction, should you somehow manage to break or damage it — in the Oregon outfit’s typical fashion — Gerber backs up the Stake Out with a lifetime warranty. This not only affords both peace of mind and a literal lifetime of use, but it also unequivocally speaks to the overall quality and durability that the camp multi-tool possesses. 

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A Compact Off-Grid Game-Changer

Final Thoughts On The Gerber Stake Out

While the new Stake Out looks impressive on paper, it isn’t until actually using it for an extended period out in the wild that it becomes abundantly clear just how wildly calculated of a design Gerber has delivered here. Its robust suite of both regular and outdoor-specific tools and functions make it special, but also of note is what the multi-tool lacks. By only featuring a highly-curated selection of genuinely useful tools, Gerber has been able to keep the product’s size to a minimum, making it that much more ideal for off-grid usage. So, whether you’re headed deep into the backcountry for an extended multi-day adventure, plan on hitting the trails for an afternoon, or simply want to spend the weekend camping, Gerber’s Stake Out multi-tool makes for a stellar addition to just about any outdoor gear loadout.