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Everyday Carry: Red Dot

Few brands in any space carry the cachet of Leica. The German camera maker is that rare breed that combines iconic and beautiful design with top-level performance, unbeatable quality, and an impressive history. And while the 108-year-old institution is rightly revered for its cameras and optical equipment, in recent years, Lecia has increasingly branched out to other areas — both through its own experiments and via collaborations with other brands. It was with Leica’s ever-expanding purview firmly in our sights that we crafted this fetching EDC loadout, with all four items sporting the brand’s legendary Red Dot style.

Mykita x Leica ML02 Sunglasses

While a pair of sunglasses may seem like an odd move for a camera brand, it makes sense once you realize that Leica — masters of the optical realm — worked hand-in-hand with Mykita to craft one-of-a-kind lenses for these luxury stunners. The shades feature optical-quality, highly-advanced lenses, each with its own serial number, that draw inspiration from the worlds of professional photography and sports optics in their construction.

Purchase: $735

Leica Leitz Phone 1

For many people, the only camera they own is the one embedded in their smartphone. So if that’s the route you’re going to take, you might as well make that camera a Leica. For the company’s first branded smartphone, Leica released the Leitz 1 in Japan last year. Based on the Sharp Aquos R6, the Android-powered device sports an immaculate camera with a 1-inch 20.2 MP sensor, a large-diameter f/1.9 Summicron lens with a 19mm wide-angle focal length, and a monochrome shooting mode.

Purchase: $1,700

Leica M11 Camera

The latest and greatest flagship to come out of Leica is the stunning M11, the newest installment in the brand’s acclaimed M-series of cameras. More of a revolution than an evolution, the M11 combines some of the best features of traditional rangefinder cameras and modern digital camera tech to craft a shooter as only the Red Dot company can. Boasting a full-frame BSI CMOS sensor that can capture images up to 60MP and a max electronic shutter speed of 1/16,000 of a second, this is one next-level Leica.

Purchase: $8,995

Leica L1 Watch

Leica’s latest foray was into the world of luxury watches, as the brand introduced its first-ever watches — the L1 and L2 — in 2022 after first teasing them back in 2018. The L1 seen here not only incorporates a sleek, unmistakably Leica design, but it also houses a custom mechanical movement from German watchmaker Lehmann Präzision GmbH. The innovative motor features a never-before-seen complication: a push-button crown (wearing a red dot) that resets that seconds hand to zero, leaving it there until pressed again. The innovation allows for faster and more precise time setting, while also making for quite the conversation piece.

Purchase: $10,000