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This Smart Exercise Bike Is a Video Game Console and Workout All-in-One

While Capti may not be a household name just yet, their founders are no stranger to sitting in your home. Not literally, of course, but the pioneers behind Expresso bikes have seemed to carry over seamlessly to their latest venture. Fifteen years removed from debuting their first at-home cycle, the NorCal-based manufacturer has broadened their horizons even further than anyone before with the Capti Smart Bike — which gamifies your workouts for more immersion and, hopefully, even more success in achieving your fitness goals.

The innovators utilize their signature Smart-Ride technology, pushing riders to their limit, with features such as dynamic steering, locked handlebars, and fixed pedals. Plus, thanks to the brand’s trademarked Terrain Adaptive Resistance, no gimmicks are being pulled over here, as they are throwing you in the depth of every scene they have to offer, from the sandy Camel Country to another dauntingly labeled Savage Revenge. Aside from this pair of maps, they offer another 48 to choose from, all of which combine for a bewildering 20,000 feet of elevation and over 350 miles worth of graphics as you continue to push forward, controlling your in-game avatar via the pedals. The company has already said that they plan on updating this content going forward, ensuring it’s impossible to see everything twice. Notably, the Capti Smart Bike runs on Epic Games’ vastly superior Unreal Engine, guaranteeing full-fledged immersion and top-notch performance.

With all these features, rest assured the Capti will cost more than a Peloton, retailing for $3,495; however, it is available on preorder for a whole $1000 less. To top it off, users will need to pay a monthly subscription of $34. Though it’s only available for pre-order as of today, patrons can expect to receive it in mid-December.

Purchase: $2,495

Photo: Capti