Garmin’s inReachMini 2 Has Campers Covered with 24/7 Emergency Response

Life on the trail is all fauna and games until a serious issue shows itself. With so many emergency scenarios for which you may have to account when taking on your next adventure, Garmin looks to take some of that stress off your rucksack-toting shoulders. The Swiss gadget makers have upgraded their inReach Mini satellite communicator with bolstered battery life, seamless compatibility, and much more.

Seeing as it is pretty difficult to get a solid charge when you’re out in the wilderness, let’s start with the latest edition’s battery life. The inReach Mini 2 offers two weeks’ worth of run time when utilizing its 10-minute tracking mode, which is a big improvement compared to the original model’s 90-hour capacity. Plus, when making use of a 30-minute tracking mode, the palm-sized, 4″ tall gadget can last for up to 30 days.

As far as compatibility is concerned, Garmin’s latest is capable of pairing with 80 varying devices from an eclectic array. When connecting the inReach Mini 2 to the brand’s Explore Mobile app, users can send messages, download maps, review trips, and much more. Plus, knowing just how sprawling a long-term hike can be, it is never impossible to fear getting lost out on the trails. As a result, the communicator features a designated SOS button to declare an emergency if the situation may arise. If necessary, a distress signal is then sent to Garmin’s 24/7 emergency response center, and they will ultimately assist you.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially when you’re out exploring the unknown. With that in mind, Garmin’s inReach Mini 2 is currently available on the brand’s website for $400.

Purchase: $400

Photo: Garmin