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Fitbit Upgrades Its Flagship Smartwatches and Tracker

Even before it was acquired by Google, Fitbit had dominated the smartwatch and health monitor space since it first debuted back in 2009. Today, the company’s line of smartwatches is still a driving force in a burgeoning industry, with a handful of products that range in capability, look, and price. And as we become more aware of how to live a healthier, more productive life, the technology behind these helpful wearables continues to improve as well.

Today, Fitbit announced its latest upgrades to three of its flagship products: Inspire, Versa, and Sense. The Inspire 3 is an entry-level tracker geared towards longevity and usability, with a new 10-day lifespan and a streamlined function. You can track sleep, stress, and heart rate around the clock without worrying (or stressing) about remembering to charge it as often. Likewise, the slimmer profile is much more desirable for those who want more of a fitness band tracker utility for over half the price of an all-encompassing smartwatch. The Versa 3 retails for $100.

As for the higher-functioning smartwatches, there are plenty of new features as well. The Versa and the Sense are two sides of the same coin, with some overlap. Lasting up to 6 days on a single charge, the Versa 4 is aimed at those who are more physically active; the gym-rat, if you will. With features such as real-time fitness stats, built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, and over 40 exercise modes, this is a wearable for the goal-oriented. On the other hand, the Sense 2 focuses on tracking health on a more medical level, such as monitoring skin temperature and heart rate variability and detecting signs of atrial fibrillation through FDA-cleared apps. The Versa 4 retails for $230 while the Sense 2 goes for $300.

Overall, the new products are all thinner and more comfortable than their progenitors as well. The Inspire 3, Versa 4, and Sense 2 are available now through the Fitbit store.

Purchase: $100+

Photo: Fitbit | Google
Photo: Fitbit | Google