Everyday Carry: Tradesman

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Tools are fascinating and wonderful things. After all, they’re sort of the physical embodiment of that which separates humans from the rest of the animal kingdom: our brains. By utilizing our minds and crafting devices that help us accomplish things we’d not be able to do with our bare hands, we’ve effectively placed ourselves well above the rest of the natural world in regards to what we can accomplish — and just how comprehensively we’ve reshaped the planet to better suit us is a perfect example of that in action. While tools are, perhaps obviously, intended to serve a purpose, they can also be things of beauty themselves. Even the most rugged of gear can be imbued with style, which is exactly what we have to show you today with this week’s everyday carry pocket dump. Yes, this gear is a handsome arrangement, to be sure. But if you were to take any of these pieces to task, you’d also come to understand that they are, in fact, built to be used over and over and over again. And, as they age, they’ll only become more beautiful and unique. Therein lies the true magnificence of well-crafted EDC.


G-SHOCK’s lineup of G-STEEL watches was already spectacular, but the brand has really stepped it up with the latest additions — like the GSTB400-1A you see before you today. Not only does it boast all the great features we’ve come to expect from a rugged G-SHOCK watch — including both impact and shock resistance, integrated Bluetooth and solar-charging technology, and tons of others — but it has also been slimmed down substantially thanks to its thin module and carbon core guard structure. In fact, it measures up at a mere 12.9mm at its thickest spot — an entire 1.6mm thinner than its GSTB300 counterpart.

Purchase: $320

Leatherman Signal Multi-Tool

Leatherman’s original Signal is already spectacular with its 19+ built-in tools, solid stainless steel construction, pocketable collapsed format, integrated carabiner clip, and (of course) the brand’s 25-year guarantee. But this one takes it a step further with its limited-edition black-and-silver colorway. If you want a do-everything multi-tool that’s as handy in your home workshop as it is out at the campsite, this is it.

Purchase: $120

SureFire Fury Dual-Fuel Tactical Flashlight

Everyone should carry a flashlight in their everyday carry, but it’s even more important for tradesmen who may be working in dark spaces or going out on calls into the evening. And while there are a lot of great choices, we’re partial to the SureFire Fury Dual-Fuel option you see here with its 1,100-lumen maximum output, toothed bezel (for self-defense usage), and compatibility with two different battery chemistries (123A lithium and 18650 lithium-ion rechargeable).

Purchase: $180