Everyday Carry: Tarnish

Dec 16, 2020

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There are those in the everyday carry community who would prefer it if their gear remained as brand-new-looking as the day they bought it. We, however, are of a different mind. Rather, we believe that every scratch, scuff, scrape, and blemish is a mark of character — a reminder of what we and our gear have both been through. Furthermore, there’s a personal touch to the way that well-worn gear ages over time. That is to say that no two people’s experiences are exactly alike and, therefore, the wear-and-tear of a given loadout is a unique story in and of itself. If you’re the type who wants your everyday carry gear to age and acquire a patina over time, then this week’s EDC pocket dump is for you, as it was created specifically with those ends in mind. EDC equipment is meant to be used and this gear boasts the ability to show off that usage.

Craighill Wilson Keyring

“Simply beautiful” is probably the best way to describe Craighill’s Wilson Keyring, both in regards to its appearance and functionality. This keyring is constructed from solid brass wire, has a built-in spring to ensure it stays taught when closed and wide-open when you need to add or remove keys and keychain tools, and it was made in the USA.

Purchase: $15

WESN x Craighill Microblade

A stunning collaboration between WESN and Craighill, this version of the tiny-but-mighty Microblade boasts a gorgeous brass handle scale, a black-finished S35vn steel blade, a sturdy frame lock, and a total length of just 3.75″ when open. If you were waiting for the right time to pick up this outstanding keychain knife, now is that time.

Purchase: $95

Prometheus Lights Alpha Pen

Beautiful enough to make sense in a high-rise corner office but tough enough to survive a battlefield, this precision-manufactured EDC pen boasts a solid brass body, a reliable click-on cap with a titanium pocket clip, and it was made in the USA. Of course, if you don’t like brass, it also comes in copper, titanium, or nickel.

Purchase: $180

Zodiac Super Sea Wolf GMT Watch

A marvelous two-tone take on Zodiac’s legendary Super Sea Wolf watch, this GMT version is updated for the modern age with an automatic Swiss movement, a rotating bezel, and a 20 ATM water-resistance rating. Whether you’re a frequent traveler (especially between two specific timezones) or you just want to add another super-stylish timepiece to your watch collection, this is the perfect opportunity.

Purchase: $1,795

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