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Mar 18, 2020

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With the outbreak of COVID-19 (AKA coronavirus) and global panic leading to perceived shortages of food and various living supplies, we’re currently in the middle of an unprecedented modern crisis. However, rather than giving in to our fear, we’d like to encourage people to help curb the spread of this disease (and its surrounding hysteria). Right now, the best thing anyone can do is follow the CDC’s recommendation of self-quarantine and social-distancing. For many folks, that means working remotely, perhaps for the first time ever. Simply by staying home, we can collectively positively impact this global disaster and, if all goes well, perhaps bring this frightening chapter to a close and get a bit of normalcy back in our lives. To help encourage everyone to take the simple, yet necessary steps toward these ends, we’ve put together the following everyday carry loadout: a collection of tech-focused, pocketable gear to help inspire you (and anyone else you might be quarantined with) to stay connected to the rest of the world, at least virtually.

Native Union Key Cable

A vastly-superior option when put up against the charging cables that come with Apple hardware, Native Union’s Key Cable is one of the best ways to keep your Lightning-enabled tech powered up without causing you fuss and frustration. That’s because it’s small enough to fit on your keychain, handsome enough that you’ll be happy to haul it around, and it’s both extra-durable (including the contact points) and equipped for high-speed charging.

Purchase: $30

Wacom Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus

If you work in design and/or with any touchscreen tablet or computer, having a stylus is basically compulsory. And Wacom’s Bamboo Ink Plus Smart Stylus is a superb option if you work on a Windows-enabled device. The uniquely sensitive tip boasts a whopping 4,096 pressure levels — ensuring precise and natural writing and/or drawing — as well as a Quick button for instant Bluetooth connectivity, an included USB-C cable for recharging, and a sleek, balanced silhouette.

Purchase: $100

Sennheiser True Wireless 2 Earbuds

Whether you’re working from home, back in the office, or on-the-go, a pair of wireless headphones can help drown out distracting noises and keep you focused. Sennheiser’s True Wireless 2 Earbuds can manage that and more with their supremely comfortable ergonomics (making them perfect for all-day wear), dynamic 7mm drivers, built-in equalizers, and new noise-canceling tech.

Purchase: $300

Netgear Nighthawk MR5200 5G Mobile Router

Small enough to fit in your pocket, yet powerful enough to connect up to 32 different devices to any 5G Wifi network, Netgear’s Nighthawk MR5200 mobile router is one of the best ways to keep you connected wherever you are in the world. And since it uses cellular towers for connectivity, you never have to worry about plugging it in. In fact, according to Netgear, it could even be faster and more reliable than a traditional home router.

Purchase: $400

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