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Jun 23, 2021

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Traditionally, cloudy skies are often met with sour feelings. People think of them as drab, gloomy, and depressing. Put simply: they’re not for everyone. But, like all of nature — be that in regard to the greater world, humanity, or otherwise — they are necessary for a number of reasons. Obviously, cloudy skies often mean rain is coming, which is necessary for many types of vegetation (especially those which produce edible vegetables and fruits) to flourish and, therefore, imperative to the survival of animal life, humans included. But there are other, more allegorical and/or figurative implications. If it were sunny all the time, we’d likely not appreciate the warmth and beauty of cloudless days quite as much. Furthermore, there’s a beauty to the spectrum of grayness found in the clouds — with lighter ones reminiscent of things like pillows and marshmallows and darker ones that can seem ominous or even dangerous. It’s these factors that have driven us to build out this week’s everyday carry loadout chock-full of grayscale gear. If you, like us, find beauty even in gloom, this is an EDC collection for you.

Ocult Card Holder

Crafted from natural, full-grain leather and capable of holding up to eight cards, the Ocult Card Holder beautifully combines traditional materials with modern, minimalist, everyday carry stylings. And while its handcrafted quality should get you interested, it’s the lifetime warranty it comes with that should have you trusting its quality and reliability.

Purchase: $55

Hardgraft Key Sandwich

Keyrings are about as old hat as everyday carry gear gets, which is why we highly prefer something that’s smarter, sleeker, quieter, and just… better — like the Hardgraft Key Sandwich. This key organizer, which is built from beautiful vegetable-tanned leather, can hold 3-7 keys inside of it and will keep them organized and jingle-free — whether you carry them in your pocket, your bag, or even on a carabiner.

Purchase: $67

WESN Henry Slipjoint Knife

A gorgeous, heritage-inspired addition to WESN’s already impressive EDC knife lineup, the Henry is the brand’s first slipjoint (non-locking) folding knife, which is available with your choice of cherry wood or titanium handle scales. Either way, you’ll also get a time-tested Sandvik 14C28N steel drop-point blade, which is perfect for actually performing cutting tasks on the daily. Truly, this is an exceptional knife from an up-and-coming brand that should certainly be on your radar by now.

Purchase: $135

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