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Everyday Carry: Mogul

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As the old saying goes, you should dress for the job you want and not just the one you have. Obviously, it’s not quite that simple; putting on your best suit isn’t going to suddenly grant you that corner office. However, there are genuine psychological benefits to the idea of making yourself presentable, perhaps even more than is necessary. It works like this: people who take pride in the presentation of their person are more often thought of as confident and self-assured by those around them. And while donning a nice suit (or even just a wrinkle-free shirt) is one of the more obvious ways to manage this, there are smaller, more subtle ways to exude confidence, self-assuredness, and preparedness, like putting together a thoughtful everyday carry loadout that’s simultaneously handsome and useful. And that’s exactly what we have for you here with this week’s pocket dump.

The James Brand Chapter Knife

You can think of The James Brand’s Chapter knife as a physical embodiment of the brand’s overarching ethos. It’s a gorgeous piece of minimalist everyday carry that’s a wonder to behold in any colorway/material makeup (especially the all-black one you see here), but it is also a genuine workhorse folding knife — marked by its S35VN drop point blade, titanium framelock and handle scales, and its balanced 6.5” length. This isn’t just another pocket knife; it’s one of the most well-considered and -designed EDC blades ever.

Purchase: $295

Taylor Stitch The Minimalist Wallet

Crafted from gorgeous 100% full-grain Spanish cowhide, yet formatted specifically for front-pocket carry, Taylor Stitch’s aptly-named Minimalist Wallet is the perfect blending of the traditional and modern. It also boasts a quartet of card slots flanking a central cash pocket, making it plenty roomy enough for hauling all your financial necessities daily. And if you don’t like it in black, it is also available in navy blue and brown.

Purchase: $58

Machine Era Field Pen

Despite our increasingly digital world, there is still plenty of value in carrying around an EDC pen, be that for scrawling down phone numbers, scribbling down great ideas, or otherwise. And it’s even easier to manage when you have a writing utensil like the Machine Era Field Pen with its simple twist operation, Parker refill compatibility, and lightweight-yet-durable stainless steel and thermoplastic construction.

Purchase: $75

Timex Waterbury Traditional Automatic Watch

Timex reached all the way back to its founding to craft (or rather re-craft) the Timex Waterbury Traditional Automatic Watch you see here, which was modeled after the brand’s very first timepiece collection. And while it boasts old-school, throwback styling, this watch also benefits from some modern updates — including a 21-jewel self-winding automatic movement, a quick-release leather strap, and more.

Purchase: $259