The 10 Best Places to Buy A Suit Online

As a wardrobe staple for any business professional, well-fitting suits are practically imperative for matching smarts with style both during the week and/or formal dinner outings on the weekend. What isn’t professional, however, is an ill-fitting suit that’s both sloppy in appearance and antiquated in style. No, instead, the key to success in this world is a form-fitting suit that’s seasonally appropriate and modern in appearance. Fortunately for all us, online shopping has absorbed this once timely process for the better. And we for one, couldn’t be more grateful.

Convenience is everything these days. Which is why a handful of direct-to-consumer brands exist out there to not only take your measurements into consideration but boast an entire library of color swatches, ties, lapels, vests, and even tuxedos to choose from – all via the safety of your home computer. No longer does spending an entire afternoon at the tailor a necessary prerequisite to purchasing a fine suit. Now, all you need is an internet connection. Not exactly sure where to start? No problem at all. Just have a look at these 10 best places to buy a suit online below. We’re confident you’ll find a good match.

Alton Lane

Sometimes when purchasing a suit, especially online, it’s best to go with a brand that specializes in just that: suits. And believe us, Alton Lane has options in spades. From your standard Navy Solid to White and Tan Seersucker, it’s all here and reasonably priced considering their tailored measurements. Also, if their “stock” options don’t catch your eye at first, Alton Lane also boasts quite a few additional swatches for you to choose from as well. Finally, Alton Lane also hosts several showrooms in and around eastern regions of the US so you can get a sense of their style first-hand before committing to a purchase.

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Black Lapel

Thanks to their easy 3-step process, Black Lapel makes ordering and sizing a custom suit easier than ever. It’s all thanks to a proprietary practice of combining the merits of old world tailoring with modern technology to build tailored clothing that’s both affordable and looks damn good. Simply select a suit to begin, then add any custom designs to help set yourself apart, and add your measurements in under 15 minutes. Needless to say, if you already have an idea of what you’re looking for, the process can be completed in less than 30 minutes without ever stepping foot outside. How’s that for contemporary convenience?

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Blank Label

Offering both in-house and online consultation for their custom suits, Blank Label is just that: a canvas onto which you can design a personalized suit for special occasions, work, or anything in between. In fact, in just 2-4 weeks, upon placing an order, your customized suit will fashionably arrive to your doorstep or any one of their brick and mortar locations. Additionally, Blank Label also offers dress shirts to pair with their suits, as well as quilted vests to consider once the thermostat starts to dip.

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More than just a conventional suit outlet. Bonobos is known across the style space as a fine purveyor of apparel. From activewear to underwear, if it’s meant to be worn, odds are you’ll find it here. For our purposes though, we’ve decided to hone in on their suit collection – made up of several stretch wool options and colorways depending on the season. They also offer lightweight suiting for those warmer days in the summer as well as premium Italian wool suits just under $1,000. Need something a bit more formal for that black tie affair? Bonobos also has you covered with a selection of Capstone Italian Wool Tuxedos as well.

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Claymore Brothers

Utilizing some of the finest materials around, Claymore Brothers means business in the world of men’s suits. For instance, we’re talking customized fully canvassed suits. Meaning, each piece is built with the highest quality craftsmanship available, resulting in maximum durability, comfort and of course style. They have a myriad of custom suit fabrics to choose from and work with you via online help and their app, to ensure the experience is as smooth and seamless as the suits themselves. Claymore Brothers also offers shirts, shoes, and cufflinks in addition to their service as well.

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Thanks to an entirely bespoke experience, Hockerty has brought the endless possibilities of the internet into the realm of tailored suits. Here, the made-to-measure brand allows you to design your own style, select the type of suite you’re after thanks to their sizable fabric selection and ensure each piece fits both comfortably and modern with the help of their handy measurement system. Additional offerings also include trench coats, ceremonial wear, vests, outerwear, and accessories to boot.

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Complete with a made-to-measure promise, Indochino is one of those miracle brands that provide tailormade suits for significantly less than the tailored price tag. Additionally, they’re known for more than just fine suits. Here, they also offer up a slew of fine dress shirts and accessories to match just about any style out there. If, however, the strict online model still feels a bit new to you, Indochino also owns a series of brick and mortar showrooms so you can get your hands on the product before committing. Practically the best of both worlds is offered here.

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Knot Standard

In addition to custom-made suits, Knot Standard offers all manner of essential apparel items for the modern man. These, of course, include casual wear, accessories, trousers, shirts and more. Their bread and butter, though, lies in their custom suits – built from a series of high-end exclusive fabrics and featuring a modern fashionable fit that’s sure to please.

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From standard suits to tuxedos to wedding suits and blazers, Suitopia utilizes premium materials and a streamlined process to get you the tailored suit of your choice without all the hassle of the store. Simply select the style, the desired fabric/design and insert your measurements. What follows is a form-fitting suit that boasts a professional vibe built from exclusive Italian fabrics. Not to mention their additional tailor-made shirt services as well as their fine selection of accessories to help set off that new suit just right.

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Suit Supply

For those look for a more casual coastal vibe for their suit will have no issue with Suit Supply. The light color schemes they feature combined with a loose and lightweight yet modern fitting style makes this option an ideal choice for anyone looking to keep things formal without appearing too stiff in the process.

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