Everyday Carry: Ketchup & Mustard

Aug 3, 2022

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Few things go together better than ketchup and mustard. Originally using mushrooms as its base, ketchup switched over to tomatoes in the 19th century. On the other hand, mustard, the crop, is among the first ever cultivated on this Earth, with its paste being consumed by the Chinese over 2,000 years ago. With the ultimate union between bitter, sweet, and tangy, it’s no surprise that ketchup and mustard are easily the two most popular condiments when it comes to topping our burgers and hot dogs. But the colors happen to pair excellently together as well. Today’s EDC loadout sports the traditional red and yellow colors of the unofficial condiments of the backyard barbecue.

Exacompta Chartwell Watershed All-Weather Pocket Notepad

The last thing you want when carrying around a pocket notepad is the ink to get smeared and the paper to wither away. That’s why Exacompta’s Chartwell Watershed should be your go-to for any condition. 4” by 6” in size, this top-bound spiral book comes with 50 ruled pages that are all waterproof and resistant to many chemicals as well.

Purchase: $21

The James Brand The Hardin Forged Carabiner

When it comes to carabiners, The James Brand understands that you don’t need something cumbersome. The Hardin is one of its flagship products, made from lightweight anodized 6063 aluminum with a drop-forged construction. This 3-inch device sports dual compartments connected by a singular spring-loaded piece, so your more secure items can only be removed with intention, while the gear on your front compartment can be taken on and off with ease.

Purchase: $39

Kaweco Mechanical Pencil

Kaweco has been making pens at its factory in German since 1889, but its mechanical pencils weren’t introduced until the ‘90s following a brand overhaul. Now, its pencils are among the best on the market for their fluid push button and lightweight hold thanks to the solid aluminum body. This special edition version comes in a burgundy red anodized finish with gold accents on the nose and top, featuring the company’s iconic octagonal barrel shape.

Purchase: $48

Persol PO9649S Honey Sunglasses

The fan-favorite 649 has gotten a new take with Persol’s PO9649S sunglasses. Fitted with polarized blue gradient crystal lenses and a high bridge, the Italian-based brand’s iconic summertime pilot shades have been refitted with a lighter, thinner acetate frame, which is dripped in a beautiful honey tone here. The color will pop against most outfits while blending in when you need it to. Likewise, the stylish silhouette has fantastic versatility.

Purchase: $339

Ressence Type 1 Slim

Ressence watches don’t just provide utility, but an experience. The Type 1 Slim sports the brand’s trademark innovative display, where the subdials move independently while wholly rotating on the same plane as the minute hand. This red dial variant — a first when it comes to the brand’s civilian pieces — is built with grade 5 titanium to house the automatic movement. Thanks to its slimmer profile and curved caseback, the timepiece appears to become one with the wearer’s wrist.

Purchase: $20,600

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