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The 20 Best Men’s Sunglasses to Wear All Year Long

Photo: Raen Remmy Sunglasses

As one of the more quintessential accessories to anyone’s wardrobe, there is nothing that’s more integral to both your health and style than a pair of sunglasses. While countless brands try to make a name for themselves through ad campaigns on your social timeline, it’s virtually impossible to go toe-to-toe with the iconic manufacturers that have been crafting archetypal silhouettes for decades. That said, though, there are a handful of boutique sunglass labels to keep an eye on, many of which garner inspiration from some of the circle’s biggest names.

Simply put, finding the right pair of sunglasses can be virtually impossible, especially when trying to find them online. Nevertheless, we’ve put together a list of the best men’s sunglasses on the market, because protecting your eyes from UV damage is extremely important — plus, it must be said, sunglasses just look cool. So whether you’re looking to keep things traditional or roll with something a bit more fashion-forward, eyewear options come in abundance, and we have rounded up 20 of them in this guide to the best sunglasses for men.

Shades For Every Shape

Determine Your Look

Before diving deep into what’s on the market, it’s worth noting that narrowing down your head shape will make your purchase all the more suitable. For example, an oval-shaped head hones the opportunity to rock any pair of shades they please thanks to the versatile shape. However, people with a more square or rectangular-shaped head may be better off considering a rounded pair of frames, while those with a circular head often look best when wearing a set of square-frame sunglasses. Although trying to figure this out can be difficult when shopping online, many brands have done a great job at categorizing these options accordingly on their websites, on top of offering the ability to virtually try pairs on using augmented reality.

Sunski Foxtrot

Sunski’s Foxtrot, with its curved silhouette, serves as one of the more stylish entry-level options on the market. This lowkey brand’s polarized pair of specs block 100% of UVA wavelengths and provide full-on eye coverage, making them a health-cognizant choice that will keep you looking, as the brand puts it, “super fly.” Its lightweight frames are sustainably made, so you’re helping the planet with these, too, rather than just your eyes.

Purchase: $68

Warby Parker Hayes

The New York-bred Warby Parker has made quite a name for itself in the world of eyewear, with its Hayes serving as a testament to its brand of minimalist design and timeless style. Composed from a hand-polished cellulose acetate and uber-durable screws coated in high-performance Akulon, the Hayes also come equipped with scratch-resistant lenses to ensure that they’re sturdy all-around. Sold in a trio of stylish colors, adhere to your wardrobe with two vibrant tortoise options and a stark black choice.

Purchase: $95+

Akila Zed

This retro-inspired pair of sunglasses from Akila is as stylish as it gets. As one of the L.A.-based manufacturer’s flagship styles, the Zed features rectangular frames and sharp-beveled edges. To ensure the utmost quality, each of Akila’s offerings is handmade in limited numbers, maintaining meticulous attention to detail through each pair its lensmakers craft. Composed of a sustainable bio-acetate frame, this pair provides top-notch protection for the price, not to mention durability, thanks to its stainless steel temple cores.

Purchase: $139

Ray-Ban New Wayfarer

There is classic, then there’s the Wayfarer. While Ray-Ban has instituted a new take on its emblematic pair of shades, the New Wayfarer boasts a smaller frame and a discrete eye shape, all the while maintaining the integrity of these timeless sunglasses. Often touted as the best model of all time, there’s simply no room for error with this ubiquitous square shape, yet the universal American-Italian label managed to improve them with boosted visual clarity.

Purchase: $151

Ray-Ban Blaze Clubmaster

While the Wayfarer may rank as one of the most popular silhouettes in the world of fashion accessories, Ray-Ban’s catalog spans wide enough to have another bonafide classic in its roster in the Clubmaster. Boasting razor-thin metal frames and a pair of new, colored mirrored lenses, the Blaze Clubmaster brings a sleek, upscale update to the emblematic Clubmaster Classics, which initially hit the scene way back in 1947 and has seemingly never grown out of style.

Purchase: $200

Raen Remmy

Raen garners inspiration from SoCal beach culture, serving as another brand that crafts ultra-stylish shades from the heart of Los Angeles. Using high-quality Carl Zeiss lenses, the manufacturer’s Remmys are guaranteed to provide nothing short of incredible protection from the sun’s rays, as ZEISS Vision Care is one of the more innovative names in this space. In addition to the stellar lenses, the glasses’ acetate-composed frames are rounded out with integrated nose pads for a more subtle look.

Purchase: $225

Persol PO3152S

Does it get any more effortlessly cool than Persol’s timeless catalog? Frankly, we don’t think so, and the Italian brand’s stylishly thin PO3152S is a perfect example as to why. Its authentic acetate makeup comes as a result of a blend of cotton and pigments, akin to the majority of Persol’s models, which is merely one of the elements that set the brand apart. This unique craftsmanship is finished off with a sleek keyhole bridge, rounded lenses, as well as Persol’s patented Meflecto System tech that allows them to adapt to any head shape with ease.

Purchase: $261

Todd Snyder x MOSCOT Nomad

Todd Snyder’s concoction of homages to fashionable staples could fill up an entire warehouse, and its partnership with Moscot is simply another example of the New York designer’s unabashed spin on traditionalism. In celebration of the latter’s 10th anniversary, MOSCOT embraced the label with its own distinct, new frame that the fellow NYC-based label called the Nomad. Serving as a reimagined rendition of Snyder’s favorite go-to shades, MOSCOT’s Zilch, the Nomad’s frames are crafted from Italian acetate while the lenses boast MOSCOT’s Custom Made Tint with anti-reflective coating for protection.

Purchase: $325

Rimowa Pilot Transparent

While you may be more familiar with Rimowa’s collection of unrivaled aluminum suitcases, the luxury manufacturer’s eyewear doesn’t fall far from the tree, be that from a design-based or functional perspective. With a pair of laser-cut, stainless steel temples and pin-assembled nylon frames, these shades are rounded out with lavish double bridge construction, allowing for a decidedly minimalist frame that keeps things lightweight. Available in a wide selection of colors, the Cologne-bred brand’s Pilot Transparent Sunglasses also come rounded out with adjustable nose pads for added comfort.

Purchase: $350

Randolph Aviator Military Edition

While you may be well aware of Randolph’s iconic Aviator silhouette — a favorite of one Don Draper — this interesting, military-inspired take on the quintessential accessory offers some added substance to a staple that had great enough a backstory as it is. The brand’s Military Special Edition boasts a glistening 23K gold frame finish and is rounded out with a pair of world-class polarized lenses courtesy of SkyTec. As a bonus, every pair comes equipped with a Randolph dog tag keychain.

Purchase: $359

Vuarnet Edge 1615

Vuarnet’s sporty roots are embraced quite clearly throughout its catalog, but the Edge 1615 serves as an end-to-end embodiment of it. These French-made sunglasses feature Photochromic lenses, providing an enhanced look at your surroundings through intensified colors and the ability to adapt to a change in light. In addition to this near-cinematic visual appeal, the chic lenses also provide up to 85% visible light absorption and 87% blue light protection, deeming them as safe as they are stylish.

Purchase: $380

Garrett Leight Hampton

It’s easy to trust an L.A.-bred label with knowing what it takes to manufacture a perfect pair of shades, considering they might know the sun better than anyone else. Garrett Leight’s Hampton was its very first silhouette, and it’s served as an essential pick-up from the get-go. The shades are made from a cured cellulose acetate frame and reinforced with a stainless steel core wire, deeming this as a durable, world-class offering. The Hampton is tailored to go with any outfit, as it comes available in a wide variety of colors.

Purchase: $385+


World-class fashion houses are no stranger to designing sunglasses, but few of them do so as well as Tom Ford. One of its more popular and versatile is the Snowdon, boasting a sleek acetate shape so stylish that it even showed up on the silver screen. Mind you, we’re not talking about just any movie, but Spectre, the fourth installment of Daniel Craig’s Bond movies. With that being said, if you’re looking to channel your inner double-0 agent, then this is undoubtedly the way to go.

Purchase: $435

Persol 714SM Steve McQueen

Men’s style icons come and go with each passing generation, but Steve McQueen is one of the few that have managed to stick around as a long-lasting epitome of unadulterated coolness. These groundbreaking bi-folding specs courtesy of Persol serve as a form of homage to the brand itself, having originally taken inspiration from the Italian label’s non-folding 649 sunglasses. As an added bit of trivia, these were the very first foldable sunglasses upon their introduction in the ‘60s. Boasting an unmistakable pilot silhouette, the 714SM has stayed true to itself over the years, as it features all the same, small-scale details that it had when McQueen wore them himself.

Purchase: $486

Oliver Peoples x Brunello Cucinelli Nino

Oliver Peoples is one of the classier, more subdued glasses makers on the market, and its 35-year lifespan doesn’t manage to dictate just how popular it’s become. And while there are plenty of worthwhile standouts in OP’s standard catalog, it’s the L.A. brand’s collaborations with world-renowned Italian clothier Brunello Cucinelli that really get our attention. The Nino is a luxurious, mob-movie-appropriate set of shades with custom-detailed frames and a bold design language that is sure to stand out, while remaining incredibly subtle and clean.

Purchase: $563

Dita Flight 006

As a brand that has been thinking outside the box for well over twenty years, Dita is no stranger to crafting immaculate eyewear. The Japanese brand’s Flight 006 serves as a gorgeous pair of titanium-crafted shades thanks to its wide shape and an even wider array of colors. This luxurious option is rounded out with a diamond pressed detail on the temples and nose pads as an added touch, making them a meticulously crafted choice that’s suitable for anyone looking to don a reimagined take on the classic shape.

Purchase: $625

Cutler and Gross 9101 Limited Edition

When seeking a more exorbitant choice, you’d be hard-pressed to peruse Cutler and Gross’ catalog without finding something suitable for your taste. This particular model garners inspiration from the glitzy ‘80s club scene, as well as the brand’s archetypal 0101 shades, which were named after Room 101 in 1984, and had been deemed a personal favorite of co-founder Tony Gross. All in all, these are some glitzy sunglasses accompanied by an enriching backstory, and they’re also an incredibly limited release, with a befitting total of 101 pieces available.

Purchase: $750

Acronym F1-T-A

While it may not be everyone’s style, avant-garde eyewear is all the rage and has been for decades. Having said that, leave it up to ACRONYM to deliver on one of the market’s more inventive options in that category. The precision-engineered F1-T-A shades are handmade from premium materials like titanium and a non-petrochemical cellulose-based acetate. Boasting a sharp, angular design and stylish blue-tinted lenses, the German design house’s unique offering is intended to work in high sun and low light thanks to its set of palladium clip-on lenses.

Purchase: $796

Matsuda Round-Frame Gold-Tone Titanium

Simple and subtle with just the right amount of sumptuousness, Matsuda’s Round-Frame Gold-Tone shades are the perfect adherence to keeping things traditional and top-of-the-line at the same time. This particular model from the luxury Japanese label features a lavish gold-tone titanium frame and green-tinted lenses that assist in blocking out any pesky glare. And while they may come across as heavy due to their sturdy, metal composition, they remain incredibly lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to throw them on without a fret.

Purchase: $860

Jacques Marie Mage Jagger

As one of the leaders in stylish, innovative eyewear, the Los Angeles-based Jacques Marie Mage encapsulates the spirit of the seventies with these remarkably sleek sunglasses. With frames built entirely from brushed beta titanium, these handcrafted shades are even rounded out with monoblock titanium hinges and custom nose pads to boot. Plus, these oversized aviators come in three different colors to suit your style. And while this set of shades’ listing doesn’t necessarily mention anything about Mick Jagger himself, it’s easy to imagine the frontman rocking these at the peak of his powers.

Purchase: $975

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