Everyday Carry: Amalfi

Mar 31, 2021

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There are a lot of vacation dream locales spread around the world, from the snowy mountain peaks of Whistler, British Columbia to the architectural mecca of Singapore and everything in-between. Obviously, some of these places are a bit more jaw-dropping in their natural beauty, amenities, and history. Italy’s southern edge has one such paradise known as the Amalfi Coast. One of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, this Mediterranean utopia is known for its nearly-always-agreeable weather, bucket list-level culinary experiences, and its abundance of scenic vistas accessible by both windy roads and calm waters. Whether you choose to visit by road-going vehicle or high-end luxury watercraft, the Amalfi Coast is not to be missed. And this everyday carry loadout — inspired and informed by the rich history and culture therein — will suit your opulent adventures swimmingly.

Rolex Submariner Dive Watch

Perhaps the most iconic dive watch ever constructed, the Rolex Submariner is in a class of its own — and you truly can’t go wrong with just about any version old or new. And, as it turns out, eBay has quite a large number of spectacular, genuine examples — some of which you can get for a pretty deep discount. Better still, any listing boasting eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee will be checked by a team of experts to ensure it is, in fact, genuine and meets the conditions of the listing before it ships to you, the buyer. And that service comes completely free-of-charge, as well.

Purchase: $8,000+

PILOT Vanishing Point Pen

An elegant, opulent everyday carry writing utensil from one of the most lauded and trusted brands around, the PILOT Vanishing Point is a modern take on the world’s first retractable-tip fountain pen. It comes with an 18k gold rhodium-plated nib for smooth writing, a clever construction that makes it a cinch to refill, a tip-mounted pocket clip for easy carrying, and more.

Purchase: $156

The Ridge 18k Gold Plated Wallet

As if the Ridge minimalist wallet wasn’t already an incredible piece of everyday carry, it turns out you can actually get it with 18k gold plating — helping to elevate this exceptional cash and card carrier into the stratosphere. Of course, it can still hold up to 12 cards and cash, offers RFID blocking, weighs just 2.2 ounces, and can be easily taken apart to replace any worn-out parts — like the elastic cash strap or the Torx screws.

Purchase: $225

Persol PO3260S Sunglasses

If you recognize these sunglasses, it might be because they made an appearance on the face of Jude Law in The Talented Mr. Ripley. And while this version is still made from lightweight, durable acetate, it features an exclusive “Cobalto” colorway that better lends them to this loadout’s blue-and-gold scheme. Of course, if you want a pair of these gorgeous shades, you’ll have to act quickly, as they’ve only made 200 pairs in total. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good.

Purchase: $350

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