Time Travelers: 12 Best Travel Watch Rolls

The best way to break something you love is by traveling with it. Whether you’re doing something as simple as heading to work or going out on a long vacation – the likelihood of things breaking or getting lost on the way goes way up.

For watch enthusiasts, one of the best ways to protect timepieces from being scratched or broken is by throwing them in a travel watch roll. These simple canvas or leather rolls and boxes provide solid organization as well as protection from scratches on the crystal or dings on the case. But more than just satisfying a utilitarian need, these watch rolls are crafted finely enough to be worthy of appreciation in their own right. Whether you’re a budding watch collector who only aspires to have enough watches to justify a traveling case, or a seasoned vet looking for something new to throw in their carry-on – we’re positive our list of the best travel watch rolls will satisfy.

Mr. Haidukoff Canvas Travel Watch Roll

Simple fabrics can feature a lot of character. Just take this handmade watch roll from Mr. Haidukoff for instance. Its interior has a gray lining, while the exterior of the roll features a thickly woven linen fabric. The interior of the roll has four spaces for watches and can be tied together with a leather strap.

Purchase: $30

Wolf Heritage Travel Watch Box

For those looking for a bit more organization than what a simple roll offers, this heritage travel 4-piece box is ideal. It has storage for four watches, as well as room for straps, cufflinks, rings, and other carry items. The 12 by 10 by 5-inch box has a rigid build to it and an exterior chrome clasp closure for keeping your timepieces secure.

Purchase: $37

Mele & Co. Parker Watch Box

Another hard-top watch case for those looking for more substantial protection. This magnetic-snap tab closure carrier can safely stow up to 10 watches at a time in its suede-lined padded boxes. Constructed from polyurethane and covered with a leather-like textile, the box is both sturdy and lightweight enough for easy carrying.

Purchase: $57

Convoy Watch Roll Tan

This watch roll is designed to hold four timepieces at once in its attractive, genuine Italian cowhide fabric. Measuring in at 12 by 10-inches unfolded, it provides a protective barrier for each watch as well as space for extra straps. The roll is designed to patina over time as it gets handled more and exposed to the sun.

Purchase: $75

Crown & Buckle Edmond Roll

Each one of these travel watch rolls is made by hand in the U.S. with a combination of high-quality leather, suede for the lining, and a leather cord wrap for cinching the roll shut. Depending on the buyer’s preference, this distinctive case comes with either 4 or 6 spaces for stowing watches with cases up to 46mm in width.

Purchase: $145

Oak & Oscar Leather Watch Wallet

Styled slightly differently than the common roll, this watch wallet from Oak and Oscar features two main folds that cover four watch sleeves and two strap sleeves. Made by the Chicago-based bag brand Defy Mfg. with leather sourced from Horween and a high quality felt on the interior, the watch wallet is nothing but quality built. This heritage piece is intended to develop a patina over a long period of time.

Purchase: $150

Hodinkee Six Watch Italian Leather Roll

Who better to make a solid travel watch roll than Hodinkee? The watch wallet from the premier blog is made from nothing but high-end materials. The exterior is constructed from Italian leather while the interior is made from a fine suede. The watch roll can carry six timepieces at a time and velcro’s shut with a secure leather strap.

Purchase: $255

Valextra Pebble-Grain Leather Watch Roll

This watch roll from Valextra is an ideal middle-ground for those looking for something smaller than a proper box but sturdier than your plain-old-leather roll. Made with a high quality Italian pebble-grain leather that snaps together over a pair of cushioned sections for watches, it is an ideal case for those who want to keep it simple.

Purchase: $500

Brunello Cucinelli Grained Leather Watch Roll

Rather than going for separate compartments, this watch roll from Brunello Cucinelli features a single cushioned roll with a suede-lined interior for storing up to four timepieces at a time. The exterior of the Italian leather case features a large flap that opens wide and snaps shut with a simple snap button.

Purchase: $795

Bottega Veneta Intrecciato Leather Watch Roll

So we’ll admit this is not a roll – but it does serve the same purpose as one. Instead of using a snap closure or a leather cord to draw it shut, this gorgeous woven leather watch carrier uses a zipper. Crafted in Italy and boasting a plush suede lining with a removable padded roll for ease of use, it is as refined as the watches you’ll put in it.

Purchase: $900

Berluti Polished-Leather Watch Roll

This watch roll features a unique construction. The interior cushioned roll can be snapped in or out of the protective exterior – making it easy to add or remove watches. More than just being built in a clever way, this watch roll is made from an incredibly fine Italian Venezia leather and features a smart men’s boot as a tip of the hat to Berluti’s long history as a bootmaker.

Purchase: $950

Santiago Gonzalez Crocodile Watch Roll

Watch collectors are people who know how to appreciate subtlety. Small variances in mechanical movements, in the colors used on a dial, or the type of strap used on the watch can all make a world of difference to those who know enough to care. So it stands to bare that the same type of person would appreciate something as finely crafted as this watch roll. Constructed using Crocodile skin sourced from Columbia and boasting a soft, cushioned interior – it is an ideal watch roll for the guy on the hunt for a completely unique pick.

Purchase: $995

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