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Mailman: 15 Best Subscription Boxes For Men

Whether you rarely order things online or get your weekly groceries delivered at the click of a button – the feeling of receiving something in the mail is always great. Even if you know what you are getting, the process of opening a package always feels a little like your birthday or Christmas morning.

One way to consistently treat yourself to that sensation is to sign up for a subscription box. Not only does it serve as a kind of pleasant surprise every month, but they all help acquaint you with the more innovative brands and products out there. Whether it is a new cologne that turns into your go-to scent, or a knife maker that becomes a new favorite, subscription boxes are great for exploring what different markets have to offer. For the curious, we’ve assembled what we think are some of the best subscription boxes for men. Whether it be tactical gear, coffee, or whiskey focused – we have it all here.


If you are a gear geek, EDC freak, or hardcore prepper always on the lookout for stuff to add to your bug-out bag – the BattlBox is for you. Every month this team sends out a set of themed survival gear, or as they call them, ‘Missions.’ They range from knife sharpening kits, to camp kitchen essentials. Depending on your preference, you can sign up for one of four types of subscriptions ranging from Basic to Pro Plus.

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Beer Of The Month Club

It can be really easy to just stick to your favorite beers and not really venture out and try new breweries or styles. This, given how many great craft brewers there are, is kind of a shame. Thanks to Beer of the Month Club, however, you can get a new set of beers every month on a consistent basis. The club has been around for over 20 years and features a variety of memberships to choose from, ranging from picks like the Hop-heads Beer Club, to the U.S. and International Variety Beer Club.

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Bespoke Post

This subscription box has a much broader organizing principle: to find great products from small brands and deliver them to you at a savings. As result, the boxes that come from Bespoke Post range from their “Churchill,” a package with a set of cigars and a candle, to a fully stocked waxed canvas dopp kit. Once you sign up, you can switch, skip, or accept boxes monthly.

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Initially, Birchbox was built exclusively with women in mind. They included things like samples of perfume, face wash, and eyeshadow in their boxes and would provide discounts on purchasing larger amounts of those products. After a whole lot of success, they’ve branched out into supplying men with grooming samples. BirchboxMan now functions in much the same way its female counterpart does – you’ll get 4 grooming samples monthly, along with a lifestyle product. Like them? You can pick up larger amounts via Birchbox.

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Carnivore Club

This isn’t your knuckle dragging, chest thumping, bacon lover’s curated meat club. Carnivore Club specializes in getting the best artisanal cured meats out there delivered right to your door. They work directly with the best makers to deliver truly unique meats worthy of the fanciest charcuterie boards. Some of the meats that they’ve included in the past are South African Biltong, Spanish Chorizo, and Italian Salumi. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, there is nothing we can do to help you.

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Dollar Beard Club

A kind of cheeky response to all those shaving clubs out there, the Dollar Beard Club delivers all natural beard care products right to your front door every month for cheap. Whether it be combs, moisturizing oils, wax, or growth enhancers – they’ve got what your beard needs.

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Dollar Shave Club

Before Dollar Shave Club, spending upwards of $20 dollars every month for a fresh set of razor blades was one of those things that we all hated doing but grudgingly accepted. Now, thanks to this brilliant business model, you can get a razor handle, blades, and shaving formula for little to nothing. Good riddance, Gillette.

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Drift Away Coffee

You can be a craft coffee neophyte or a full blown addict and still get a lot of use out of this coffee subscription from Drift Away. The way the program works is as follows: upon signing up, you’ll receive four different coffees, after which you will fill in tasting notes via an included app. The algorithm in the app will then determine which flavors you prefer and send you new and interesting coffees for you to brew up every month.

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If you are constantly searching for better solutions to your outdoor problems, then Nomadik may be the subscription box for you. The subscription works a lot like you would expect. After you sign up and fill out your profile (what you like to do, where you go hiking), the team at Nomadik will fill up a box of gear and ship it right out to you. All you have to do after that is get out and use it.

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Platte River Goods

To an extent, every endurance athlete is a gear head, but even among that crowd cyclists take the cake for being the most obsessed with gear. Platte River Goods caters to that obsession with the next best thing for your life on two wheels by offering up a hand selected collection of specialty cycling products shipped out each month.

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The number of different types of running gear – whether it be fuel, bottles, or recovery equipment – is pretty mind boggling. Runnerbox helps you sort through all of the mess by collecting some of the best stuff out there and delivering it right to your front door. Despite its name – Runnerbox isn’t just for joggers. The first step when you sign up for the program is to choose your passion – whether it be cycling, triathlons, or hitting the pavement with nothing but your two feet.

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Scent Trunk

Out of all of the boxes we have on this list, this may be the most unique. Scent Trunk is built to help you find your personal fragrance. When users sign up they get a box full of six core scents; citrus, wood, aromatic, floral, amber, and chypre. After taking a scent test using these aromas, Scent Trunk builds out a custom formula made specifically for you. If you like it, they’ll keep on sending it every month for just $12. If you are feeling a little adventurous, however, they can send you variations on that core theme. All things said, this is a perfect pick for the guy looking to get his own cologne.

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Tasters’s Club

Getting to know your spirits can be daunting. Not only is there a lot to familiarize yourself with, but it can be pricey. Taster’s Club is designed to solve that problem by sending you high quality booze monthly for a flat rate. Every four weeks you can expect a brand new bottle of bourbon, scotch, or whisky depending on which program you sign up for. Whether you are a whisky snob already, or are just starting out, this set is sure to please.

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Trunk Club

This is much more than just a box that shows up at your door. When you sign up with this service, you get a dedicated personal stylist that helps pick outfits catered to your personal style. Every month they send you a box full of designer clothes measured to fit you. Don’t like some of the picks? Trunk Club makes it easy to send back the options you don’t like. Getting spruced up has never been easier.

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Vinyl Me, Please

Crate digging in dusty record stores is great, but getting new, hard to find records delivered right to your door is better. Vinyl Me, Please is a service that believes in the magic of the physical record, and takes seriously the task of finding the best ones out there to send your way.

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