Rolling Haulers: 10 Best Wheeled Coolers

Oct 1, 2018

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Unless you plan to hunt and gather for food in the wild, a cooler can be an absolute necessity when it comes to outdoor adventures. However, they also tend to be a bit cumbersome and unwieldy — especially those that are tough enough to weather nature excursions. Thankfully, there’s a simple and effective answer to all your food-hauling woes: rolling coolers.

Nearly as varied in size, shape, and appearance as their non-wheeled counterparts, these coolers make getting your perishables to and from the campsite so much easier. Whether you’ve got a bad back, a heavy haul, or you just don’t like the hassle of multiple trips, a wheeled icebox should definitely be on your gear radar. And the following 10 are the best rolling coolers money can buy.

Columbia Crater Peak Rolling Cooler

The Columbia Crater Peak rolling cooler gets major point for its portability and storability, if nothing else. And the reason for this is simple: it’s a soft-sided cooler with a collapsing rack. That’s a major advantage for day-trippers who want to make the most of an excursion without a lot of after-the-fact storage space. Load this bad boy up with up to 80 pounds worth of grilling meats, cans of beer, water bottles, trail snacks, or whatever else and you should have no problem getting to and from the campsite. Then, once you’re all finished, just fold it all up and stash it away for next time.

Capacity: 50 QT
Ice Retention: ~1 Day

Purchase: $64

Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler

If you’re looking for a large-capacity rolling adventure cooler with an impressive ice retention to overall cost ratio, go no further than the Coleman Xtreme wheeled cooler. With 62 quarts of internal storage and a whopping five days of ice retention, you’ll likely be unable to find anything that compares at the same price point. For those keeping score, 62 quarts is large enough to carry up to 95 12-ounce cans. And the hauling is made extra simple thanks to the attached handle — offering up enough space between you and the cooler that you should be able to avoid clipping your heels too much while you drag it along.

Capacity: 62 QT
Ice Retention: 5 Days

Purchase: $101

Ryobi ONE+ Cooling Cooler

While not the largest offering on our list (nor the one with the best ice retention), Ryobi’s 50-quart ONE+ has a feature that literally no other cooler on our list shares: an onboard air conditioner. Now, that might not figure into your most important features at first consideration, but hear us out. Coolers are typically used during the hotter months of the year. And while a day’s worth of ice retention and 50 quarts of internal storage aren’t the most exciting prospects, imagine how good it will feel on a 100+ degree day to have a cool breeze on your face. That’s what Ryobi is selling — a good cooler on wheels with a huge boost to personal comfort during the summer.

Capacity: 50 QT
Ice Retention: ~1 Day

Purchase: $199

Igloo Trailmate Journey Cooler

With its 70 quarts of internal storage and up to four days of ice retention, the Igloo Trailmate Journey cooler is plenty impressive. But it has another claim that makes it an even more enticing prospect: it has the highest ground clearance of any other cooler on our list. Pair that with its ultra-rugged wheels and easy-haul telescoping handle, and this might be the best bet for the worst terrain. Whether you’re headed to your local beach or deep into the middle of a jungle, this cooler can go right along with you. And, if you want to push it to capacity, that means 112 beers towed along on any adventure.

Capacity: 70 QT
Ice Retention: 4 Days

Purchase: $200

OtterBox All-Terrain Cooler Wheels

Much to our chagrin, OtterBox doesn’t technically offer a wheeled cooler as a part of their catalogue. They do, however, offer this cart that can turn any of their existing 45- or 65-quart coolers into a rolling version. Normally, we’d scoff at such a prospect but these guys get a pass, as they make some of the toughest and best adventure coolers available. And, with their offerings being a bit of an investment, we like the prospect of continuing to use them, wheels or not. It’s a pricey accessory but we’re glad they make it. It doesn’t hurt either that this cart boasts excellent ground clearance, a super-tough construction, and never-go-flat all-terrain wheels.

Capacity: 45-65 QT
Ice Retention: N/A

Purchase: $250

Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler

When it comes to ruggedized coolers, there are two major names that should come to mind. Pelican is definitely one of them. And their Elite Wheeled Cooler is an exemplary argument as to why. Available in your choice of 45 or 80 quarts, this remarkable cooler is said to be able to keep ice frozen for up to 10 days — thanks to a freezer-grade gasket and polyurethane insulation. It also boasts a built-in bottle opener, because (let’s be honest) we’re using the cooler, at least in part, to keep some beers cold. And its ruggedized off-road wheels ensure it can traverse even the trickiest of terrains.

Capacity: 45-80 QT
Ice Retention: 10 Days

Purchase: $380+

YETI Tundra Haul Rolling Cooler

YETI is the other brand that should come to mind when considering adventure coolers. And, wouldn’t you know it, they offer one of the best ones on wheels, too. Sharing the same first name with their other coolers, the Tundra Haul has everything you love about this brand’s coolers — like insulation that will keep ice frozen for up to 10 days at a time, an ultra-rugged rotomolded construction, and a super secure lid system. This one also happens to have a pair of never-go-flat wheels, as well as a handle to carry it behind you. As YETI has said themselves, this is “the toughest cooler on two wheels.”

Capacity: 45 QT
Ice Retention: 2+ Days

Purchase: $400

Rovr Rollr Wheeled Cooler

While the name is not nearly as recognizable, Rovr’s Rollr wheeled cooler can certainly go toe-to-toe with the likes of Pelican and YETI. In fact, with 80 quarts of storage and ice retention of up to 10 days, what it has to offer is nearly exactly comparable. As it is more expensive, however, we expect a bit more — and it delivers. The Rollr also has a collapsible dry storage bin on top that can keep non-refrigerated perishables at 40 degrees for 10 days straight. It also has a handy internal organizational system, a collapsible carry handle, and puncture-resistant all-terrain tires.

Capacity: 80 QT
Ice Retention: 10 Days

Purchase: $449

Speedbox Endurance Rolling Cooler

If you’ve ever wondered what the toughest soldiers in the world use for storage, you can stop because it’s the Speedbox Endurance rolling cooler. And that’s not an exaggeration — these are employed by Army Special Forces, Navy EOD, and Air Force Pararescue Jumpers. It’s easy to see why they’d want it, as this mil-spec container is bombproof, has a 300-pound carry capacity, features an easily-stackable form (for storing multiple units), and works great as a cooler. For the record, it was not originally intended for use as a cooler — but its onboard drain and hardcore rotomolded construction makes it an ideal candidate.

Capacity: 160 QT
Ice Retention: 10 Days

Purchase: $575

Crazy Cooler Motorized Cooler

The Crazy Cooler doesn’t have the best capacity — just 50 quarts — nor does it have a great ice retention rating. By all accounts, the cooler itself is middling — functional but unimpressive. What it does offer, however, is wholly unique. You see, the Crazy Cooler is mounted to a 49cc real functional gas-powered go-kart. That kart also has all-terrain wheels and suspension, a wheelie bar and safety bumper, and can produce 2+ horsepower. For a normal vehicle, that wouldn’t mean much of anything, but this is a cooler you can ride around upon and that’s pretty exceptional if you ask us.

Capacity: 50 QT
Ice Retention: ~1 Day

Purchase: $1,100

10 Best Rugged Coolers For Adventuring

You might not care about having wheels on your food storage device. But if durability and high ice-retention are on your list of desires, you should definitely have a look at our list of the 10 best rugged coolers for adventuring.

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