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The 10 Best Moisture Wicking Workout Shirts

Photo: Tracksmith

Perspiration is a sign that you’re working out well and focusing on your technique. However, it’s doubtful you enjoy feeling like a soaked sponge after you’re through with your last set. Although you can’t avoid breaking into a sweat if you’re putting in a solid effort, you can get the right gear to avoid drowning your cotton shirt.

Moisture-wicking fabrics are excellent for fitness freaks, as they handle wetness better than most material out there. These fabrics have tiny capillary spaces for the liquid to move through instead of drenching the material. To help you stay light and comfortable during your exercise, we’ve compiled a list of the best moisture wicking workout shirts. Whether you’re hitting the gym for some heavy bag work, playing a pickup basketball game, lifting weights, or going for a run, a moisture-wicking workout shirt will keep you fully functional.

Photo: Tracksmith

Why Choose Moisture-Wicking?

A Quick Primer

Wearing a plain old cotton shirt is uncomfortable when you work out. It absorbs your sweat but doesn’t wick it away, weighing you down and leaving you feeling sticky. Cotton also doesn’t last as long as more advanced fabrics built specifically for going beast mode. Synthetic fabrics — such as polyester and nylon — are hydrophobic, which means they resist the penetration of liquids. In addition, Merino wool is an exceptional option for workout wear, as it also wicks sweat away. So, let’s jump into the list and grab you a workout shirt that works just as hard as you do.

Tracksmith Horizon Tee

Tracksmith’s Horizon Tee is the ideal short sleeve training shirt. It has the feel of a worn-in cotton t-shirt, but it performs like a tech tee. The super lightweight shirt is made from Dri-Release fabric and wicking properties to keep you comfortable throughout your session. No matter how you decide to burn your calories for the day, this top will keep you light as a feather.

Purchase: $42

Outdoor Voices EcoMesh T-Shirt

Wearing the Outdoor Voices EcoMesh t-shirt, you’ll benefit from a lightweight top with flat-lock seams to prevent chafing. The shirt is breathable, keeping you cool with steady airflow as you run, hop, and jump during drills. And its made from fabric that pulls sweat from your skin to keep you relatively dry even during high-intensity activities. Made from 47% recycled polyester, the shirt is also eco-friendly.

Purchase: $45

Adidas Supernova Tee

It’s a no-brainer to consider trying on athletic tops from Adidas and this is one of their best offerings when it comes to tees. The Supernova Tee is made with sweat-wicking Climalite fabric to keep you feeling fresh throughout your gym session. Try it on and enjoy the semi-fitted feel that skims the body for natural movement while you perform even the most complex drills.

Purchase: $46

Vuori Tradewind Performance Tee

This lightweight basic tee has all the features you need to kill your workout. Benefit from flat-lock seams eliminate chafing moisture-wicking properties, and micro perforation for excellent ventilation so you can keep cool during grueling workout sessions. Built with a front pocket and available in a variety of colorways, this tee is suitable for the gym or any outdoor activities. The athletic shirt can also be worn to social scenes outside of the gym.

Purchase: $48

2XU Xvent Short Sleeve Top

For reliable ventilation and breathability, the 2XU Xvent Short Sleeve Top is a suitable option. The shirt features three-way cooling through Xylitol technology, which draw heat away from your skin’s surface, reflects the sun’s rays and has cross-section polyester yarns to help with moisture evaporation. It also has especially engineered jacquard panels for targeted airflow to keep you cool throughout the workout.

Purchase: $50

Ten Thousand Distance Shirt

The featherlight Ten Thousand Distance Shirt holds up during high-intensity training sessions. It’s constructed using no-cling fabric produced by one of Italy’s best performance textile mills. The shirt wicks sweat and dries fast to help you crush your workout goals one day at a time. It’s also treated with silver ions for permanent odor control, so you don’t have to worry about stinking up the bar you go to after your gym routine is over.

Purchase: $52

Ryu Tech Tee Hybrid

The Ryu Tech Tee Hybrid is a moisture-wicking workout shirt that won’t hold you back. This lightweight training top has a full mesh back for superior breathability and uses fabrics treated with Polygiene to keep you smelling fresh. The shirt actively inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria, so you don’t have to worry about any horrible smells if you have to run some errands after your training session.

Purchase: $60

Rhone Reign Short Sleeve

No matter what type of workout you use to stay fit, the Rhone Reign Short Sleeve is tough enough to keep up with your activities. The soft, heathered nylon polyester jersey blend makes the shirt feel extra comfy, and its moisture-wicking properties will keep you dry throughout your torture session. It also has Raglan sleeves for mobility, flatlock stitches for chafe-free seams, and GoldFusion technology to fight your body odor.

Purchase: $64

Nike TechKnit Ultra

Train like top athletes and grab the Nike TechKnit Ultra t-shirt to cover your back when you train. Engineered for strategic breathability, the shirt is made from lightweight knit fabric, forming a 3D structure. It has sweat-wicking technology to keep you dry and focused on the task at hand. And its shoulder seams move forward for an ideal fit when you work out so you can move naturally.

Purchase: $70

Olivers Convoy Tee

The Olivers Convoy Tee is made from 100% merino wool, meaning its naturally hydrophilic. This moisture-wicking basic workout tee is both soft and light, making it ideal for even the most intense CrossFit class. The shirt is odor-resistant, water-repellant, and temperature regulating to help you stay focused on dominating your drills.

Purchase: $78

Lululemon Metal Vent Short Sleeve

If you’re looking for the perfect mix of style and functionality, the Lululemon Metal Vent Breathe Short Sleeve is right up your ally. It’s built using Silverscent technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria and has integrated, open-hole mesh for superior breathability. To dramatically reduce chafing, the t-shirt has a seamless construction, allowing you to move freely no matter how you go about burning calories.

Purchase: $88

Isaora Super Crew

According to Isaora, their Super Crew tee is their highest performance short sleeve. The comfortable workout shirt is made using Italian microfiber nylon and lycra stretch knit for maximum performance. It offers abrasion-resistance, excellent breathability to keep you cool, and sun protection if you decide to go for a run under the sun. The back panel and underarm have nylon microfiber performance mesh so you don’t overheat during your workout routine. And the shirt has reflective logos on the back panel and sleeves for visibility at night.

Purchase: $128

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