The 50 Best Stocking Stuffers For Men

Nov 21, 2017

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There are a couple of different ways to think about stocking stuffers. One pretty prominent approach is to just throw in a bunch of goofy, fun, and maybe even useful gifts into a stocking without agonizing too much about having any one of them be ‘the perfect’ gift. Alternatively, you can only include a few, really nice picks – stuff that will dazzle the day of and be cherished for years to come.

While neither of these is really wrong – our preference is to try and do a little of both. Couching one or two great gifts into one stocking full of candies and goofy picks gives everyone the best of both worlds. Whether you’re in agreement with us on this, or you prefer to stuff stockings in your own way – we hope that our list of the 50 best stocking stuffers will help you get closer to crossing holiday shopping off of your to-do list.

Esbit Lightweight Folding Titanium

Have an avid camper in your midst? Set them on their way with these folding utensils made from titanium. They’ll keep their packs light and stomachs full on trips both long and short.

Purchase: $12

Stanley Adventure Stainless Steel Flask

It’s hard to beat the classics. Made from 18/8 stainless steel this naturally BPA-free travel flask with an integrated lanyard makes it easy to pack a little liquid courage out into the woods or city.

Purchase: $13

Pappy Van Winkle Hot Sauce

Because you can’t quite fit a bottle of pappy in a stocking, you may want to consider grabbing a little hot sauce instead. Made from ghost peppers and aged in Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels – its a great gift for the hot-sauce head or the whiskey fiend.

Purchase: $16

Exotac Waterproof Firesleeve Lighter Case

Lighters are a must have in the woods. One great way to keep them protected is by using a waterproof case like this one from Exotac. Made right here in the USA it can keep water out even when submerged under 3-feet of water for 30 minutes.

Purchase: $16

This Is Ground Cord Taco

A simple, but thoughtful gift. These ‘cord tacos’ made from genuine leather help keep headphones, cables, and other miscellaneous electronics cords in their right place while still managing to look pretty handsome.

Purchase: $16

Daneson Combo 2-Packs

Have a member of the family or your group of friends with a bit of an oral fixation? They’ll dig these toothpicks from Daneson. Flavored with everything from Bourbon to Mint, they’re a pleasure to gnaw on.

Purchase: $18

The Carry On Cocktail Kit

Is there a jet-setter among you? Or just a cocktail nerd? Gift them one of these cocktail kits. They can easily turn any boring in-flight drink into a hand-crafted delight.

Purchase: $18

Opinel No.8 Trekking Knife

This wooden handled knife from the French maker features a 12c27 Sandvik stainless steel blade that locks open or closed thanks to a Virobloc safety ring. A handsome, old-school knife that is sharp enough to be used as an effective tool while camping.

Purchase: $18

PPK Rubber Band Gun

Modeled after the iconic 1960s-style Walther PPK, this rubber band shooter lets you unleash your inner James Bond on the entire staff. Each semi-automatic pistol is made from high quality maple, has a 5-round capacity and fires up to 20 feet.

Purchase: $20

Trayvax Summit Wallet

Made right here in the USA, this tactical wallet from Trayvax keeps your cash and cards safe in its minimalist, rugged frame. An ideal wallet for the everyday carry fanatic.

Purchase: $20

Flight Cards

A unique deck of cards that are as much for playing poker and gin rummy as they are a homage to Nike’s most famous sneaker.

Purchase: $20

Tec Accessories Picopen

Have compulsive scribblers in your family? Gift them the Picopen. Small enough to be hooked to a keychain, this writing utensil will always be on hand and ready to be used. All one has to do is pull on the body of the pen and it’ll come uncoupled from the rare-earth neodymium magnetic cap.

Purchase: $20

Lightning Nomad Key

Speaking of keeping things close at hand – it never hurts to have a phone charger within arms reach. This one from Nomad features a lighting connector on one end and a USB port on the other for a quick and easy connection.

Purchase: $20

Soto Pocket Torch

This gadget from Soto is equal parts novelty and practical tool. Simply drop a dollar-store lighter into the case and the Pocket Torch will put out a 2,300-degree windproof flame that’ll easily light a cigarette or set a fire.

Purchase: $20

Gearward Keychain Duct Tape

This tool from Gearward is exactly what it sounds like. A section of tough duct tape rolled around a single piece of chapstick-sized aluminum. Perfect for those looking to keep quick solutions just a reach away.

Purchase: $20

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen

An American classic. Developed by Fisher for NASA astronauts, this pen uses a special pressurized ink cartridge that can write at any angle and at any temperature.

Purchase: $20

Reductivist Ringtool Black

Multi-tools don’t have to be all that large. Take the Reductivist ring tool for instance. This American-made tool makes it easy to do everything from adjusting your bike to fixing your snowboard bindings on the fly.

Purchase: $25

Ezra Arthur Leather Notebook

Moleskine notebooks are a dime a dozen. Get the scribe in your family something unique like this American made leather notebook from Ezra Arthur. Made from a high-grade Horween leather it holds 128 blank and super thin bleed-resistant pages.

Purchase: $32

Leatherman Squirt PS4 Keychain Multi Tool

A small, useful multi-tool from industry stalwart Leatherman. The 2.5-inch squirt holds 9 tools ranging from a knife to a file, pliers and much more.

Purchase: $33

Black Rifle Coffee Company AK-47 Rounds

Have a coffee fiend in the family? Get their day started with a round of highly caffeinated AK47 rounds of coffee pods.

Purchase: $33

Bittboy FC Mini Handheld Gaming Device

Sure, you can play fancier games on your phone these days, but there is something undeniable about retro gaming. This super small handheld gizmo brings it all back with familiar looks and controls. A great grab for the avid gamer.

Purchase: $40

Keysmart Key Holder

Keep your keys organized and silent with this super simple but brilliantly designed tool. Made from titanium, it is lightweight enough to easily add onto a keychain or clip without too much heft.

Purchase: $39

Bandit Titanium Keychain Knife

Another solid keychain add-on. Thanks to its titanium build it won’t add weight to your keychain – but it’ll still pack a punch thanks to the AUS steel blade.

Purchase: $40

Illuminex-3 Mecarmy

Forget trying to use your phone’s built-in flashlight. This copper keychain flashlight from Mecarmy boasts a hefty 130 lumens and can be recharged via micro-USB cable.

Purchase: $40

Bellroy Key Cover

Looking for a more refined way to carry your keys around? This solution from Bellroy may be the ticket. Made from a high-quality vegetable tanned leather this simple sleeve can carry up to 4 keys at a time and has a loop for attaching to a set of car keys.

Purchase: $45

Sphero Mini Blue

A simple, but incredibly fun toy that’ll more than outlast the holiday season. Using an integrated smartphone app, users can drive the ball all around the floor via a joystick, or a goofy new ‘Face Drive’ feature that lets you direct the toy using facial expressions. A great gift for the big kid or those with tech-savvy children.

Purchase: $50

Timex Weekender Chronograph

A classic, quartz-driven watch with a striking blue face, three sundials, and a date window. An ideal pick for the style-oriented guy or that one member of your family that needs a bit of help when it comes to showing up on time.

Purchase: $50

Building Block RC Drone

A great toy for just goofing around or for teaching STEM. The radio-controlled drone comes unassembled with building blocks, a controller, battery, spare rotors, and is compatible with LEGO bricks.

Purchase: $50

Minipresso NS

For the coffee addict in your life that always wants their cup of Joe within arms reach, this is a great pick. All users have to do is fill up the top with hot water, prime the pump, and let it rip. Within a minute they’ll have hot coffee at their disposal.

Purchase: $50

Norlan Whiskey Glasses

We’ve never come across a whiskey glass as meticulously engineered as this one. Not only does this look great – but it is purpose-built to aerate the whisky and focus the aromatics for a better nose and overall taste.

Purchase: $58

Brux Pour Over Coffee System

For those who don’t like to compromise on their coffee no matter where they are – there is the Brux Pour Over Coffee System. This mug features a pull-out pour-over system that feeds directly into the cup. An ideal pick for the coffee addict.

Purchase: $59

Tiny Circuits Tiny Arcade

A surprisingly powerful little desktop gadget engineered to bring your favorite retro arcade games back to life. Comes with a vibrant OLED screen and an SD card Expansion slot for downloading new games.

Purchase: $59

Tile Key Finder

For those that lose their keys way too often, there is Tile Sport. This small, waterproof tracker can attach to your wallet, keys, or even pet so you can always keep tabs on your most precious items. End up losing your phone? Hit the button on your phone and it’ll ring even when it is on silent.

Purchase: $60

autoXscape Survival Tool

This multi-tool is purpose-built to get you out of a car accident. It features a seatbelt cutter, a glass breaker, and a high powered 135 lumen CREE XP-E2 LED light. Perfect for those looking to give the gift of safety.

Purchase: $60

Matador Freerain24 Backpack

This backpack from Matador boasts a water and puncture-resistant build, a 24-liter capacity, and the ability to fold down to the size of a tennis ball. All things said an incredibly capable, and versatile pack for daily use.

Purchase: $60

Pioneer Carry Molecule 10XD Ripstop Card Wallet

Have a friend or family member who just won’t let go of their old velcro wallet? Help them make the transition with Pioneer Carry’s Molecule 10XD ripstop card wallet. Made with a special heat molded fabric, this wallet manages to be slim, tough, and stylish all at once.

Purchase: $65

Mininch Tool Pen

Purpose-built to clear out that drawer of loose screwdrivers, this simple pen boasts 16 different attachments for tightening or loosening a variety of bolts and screws. A must-have for the handyman.

Purchase: $69

Prometheus Lights Lambda Top

A simple, desktop toy that’ll be sure to please the 9-5 weekday warrior. The brass top features a hollow center and ruby tip for spins up to 10 minutes long.

Purchase: $85

Mighty Spotify Player

For those that don’t like to bring unnecessary gear along with them on their long runs, there is the Mighty Spotify player. This super small player works with Spotify premium and pairs with Bluetooth speakers for up to 5 hours of continuous play.

Purchase: $85

Beast28 Packable Technical Backpack

A heftier version of the previous pack from Matador, this technical bag is designed to go on serious treks while still easily folding down into a self-contained pouch. The back features a waterproof build, puncture resistant fabrics, and a big, 28-liter capacity.

Purchase: $90

Craighill Jack Puzzle

An American made desktop puzzle that somehow manages to look great both when put together and when apart. Ideal gift for the person in your family who loves puzzles as much as they enjoy beautifully designed objects.

Purchase: $95

The James Brand Folsom Knife

An exclusive collaboration between our sister site Gallantry and the Portland, Oregon-based knife makers James Brand. The knife features OD-green scales, a black CTS-BD1 blade steel, and an ambidextrous deployment with reversible pocket clip.

Purchase: $99

Carbon Fiber Mixtape Multi-Tool

A tough pair of knuckles made out of solid carbon fiber. It measures in at around 2.25-inches – making it ideal for everyday carry.

Purchase: $100

BRNLY Slingpop Pocket Slingshot

This slingshot reimagined by BRNLY is an ideal gift for the inner menace in all of us. Made from a solid piece of anodized 6061-T6 aluminum, a black leather pad, and black elastic tubing – it’s a great lightweight toy for everyday carry.

Purchase: $140

TUMI Global Locator

Nothing sucks more than losing your luggage. One great way to avoid the hassle? Tumi’s Global locator. The little gadget has Wifi, 3G and GPS connectivity that notifies you when you’re far away – and helps you track it wherever it goes.

Purchase: $150

Saber Power Pack

Designed by alumni of Tesla, Apple, and SpaceX, this external power pack is built to charge everything from your laptop to your iPhone or tablet. A must-have for the mobile office worker or die-hard techie.

Purchase: $200

Apple AirPods

These completely wireless headphones from Apple are perfect for those who are looking for a seamless audio streaming experience. Even without the in-line remote, the headphones allow users to take calls, skip songs, or pause music. An ideal pick.

Purchase: $160

Maulvaux Knife

Essentially a Swiss Army knife, but with better ergonomics and an easier opening mechanism, it’s an ideal blade for the EDC fanatic. Only a limited number have been made – so grab them before everyone else does.

Purchase: $250

SanDisk 400GB Micro SD

For those who snap more photos on their phone than seems humanly possible, there is SanDisk’s 400GB micro SD card. Throw this in your phone and snap away to your heart’s content.

Purchase: $288

Rylo 360 Camera

An amazing, software-forward 360-degree action camera designed to take seamless, beautiful video that looks professional even though you aren’t. A great gift for the aspiring film student.

Purchase: $500

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