The 10 Best Knife Organizers For Everyday Carry in 2022

Photo: Nalpak

Knives are wonderful tools, even in a day-to-day sense. No, we don’t mean kitchen blades — although chef knives are certainly important for anyone interested in culinary endeavors. Rather, we’re speaking specifically (at least in this case) about everyday carry knives. These pocketable, folding cutting tools allow just about anyone to open packages, remove clothing tags and pesky stickers, trim and/or cut just about anything (be that loose strings, hairs, fishing line, food, etc.), peel and chop fruit and veggies, — and that’s just a few of their many advantages.

Of course, anyone in the know is already aware that there’s not a single knife that can perform every task you might need. Furthermore, with the thousands of options on the market of all shapes, sizes, materials, styles, etc, who can honestly choose just one? Spoiler alert: you don’t have to. However, if you’re going to expand your collection of folding knives, you may want a single solution for keeping them all protected and in order. And that’s what we have for you today on our guide to the best EDC knife organizers.

Who Needs A Knife Organizer?

Orderly EDC

If you’re a casual everyday carry enthusiast — meaning you only have the bare minimum amount of gear you carry with you daily — you’re probably not the target market for an organizational solution such as the ones on our list. However, if you’re of the understanding that EDC knives are highly collectible and, more importantly, that different offerings serve different purposes and suit different styles, then you’ve come to the right place.

As is the case with any kind of purpose-driven organizational system, knife organizers are simultaneously a way of keeping your folding blades in order, protected, and (in some cases) a means of putting them on display — or at least making them easy to show off by keeping them all in order and protected. These cases typically have multiple slots, each sized to house a single knife so as to keep them from knocking and rubbing against one another (which could cause damage to even the toughest of handles over time), and are able to be closed or rolled up to protect their contents. For reference, soft-sided bags and rolls tend to be more portable whereas hardshell cases are tougher and more protective, but are often more of a chore to transport. Picking the one that suits you best will come down to a combination of your budget, the number of knives in your collection, and your personal preference regarding materials and type.

Zero Tolerance ZT997 Knife Storage Bag

Even if you’re only somewhat familiar with the knifemaking world, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of Zero Tolerance, as they’re one of the most prominent brands around — they’re even siblings with both Kershaw and kitchen-focused brand Shun under the Kai Ltd. umbrella. Well, along with making exceptional USA-made folding knives, they also offer this simple, straightforward 18-knife storage bag. Made from sturdy, water-resistant nylon, this bag has a zipper opening and, inside, you’ll find five pockets on each side and a removable center panel with an additional eight pockets. On a budget, this knife organizer is hard to beat.

Capacity: 18
Type: Nylon Bag

Purchase: $40

Spyderco Large SpyderPac

Another noteworthy knifemaking brand that has expanded into the realm of storage solutions, Spyderco’s Large SpyderPac is the perfect solution for anyone with an extensive collection of everyday carry knives and a fairly tight budget. The exterior of this roll is crafted from Cordura nylon (offering great durability and natural water resistance) and the pockets are built from transparent plastic so you can see each of your knives inside. Best of all, it comes with a simple carry strap that can double as a hanger — so you could theoretically put your whole collection on display in your home, workshop, office, or wherever else.

Capacity: 30
Type: Nylon Roll

Purchase: $47

Bradley Mountain Knife Roll

For anyone with a smaller collection (or for anyone that wants a mobile solution for a small portion of their collection), you can’t go wrong with the Bradley Mountain Knife Roll. This simple storage container boasts a heritage-style construction of 18-ounce water-resistant duck canvas and has a simple leather strap for security purposes in transit. It also has a dedicated pocket for a whetstone, so you can keep your blades razor-sharp on the go, as well. Perhaps best of all, this tool roll was manufactured entirely in San Diego, California. For smaller collections of EDC knives, this is a tough organizer to beat.

Capacity: 7
Type: Canvas Roll

Purchase: $48

Real Steel Pilgrim 22 Knife Bag

Honestly, it can be pretty difficult to decide which knife you want to carry with you on a daily basis, even if you’re not obsessed with EDC. If you are, then the choice is that much harder. However, with the Real Steel Pilgrim 22 Knife Bag, you don’t have to because you can just bring 22 of your favorite knives with you wherever you go. Of course, even if you leave it at home, the ballistic nylon exterior, transparent pockets, and soft fleece liner will keep all your blades orderly and safe. And, for an added bit of protection, the front of the bag has a hidden aluminum plate and it’s equipped with a Duraplex quick-release and locking mechanism.

Capacity: 22
Type: Nylon Roll

Purchase: $60

Vault Case Secure

In the off chance that you need a knife case that you can fly with — as a checked bag, not a carry-on (for obvious reasons) — your best bet might just be one of the offerings from Vault, like the Vault Case Secure that you see here. That’s because, along with having a pretty expansive and versatile modular interior, each of these cases comes with its own TSA-friendly lock. That means, in transit, you can keep your blades extra secure without necessitating the lock being cut open when you’re traveling. Although, honestly, even without the TSA-friendly lock, this 6-panel storage system is one of the best available. Our only real issue: the carbon-finished exterior isn’t actually comprised of carbon fiber.

Capacity: 13+
Type: Hardshell Case

Purchase: $65

Case Knives Medium Carrying Case

In case it hasn’t become abundantly clear by now, many of the best EDC knife organizers are built by the brands responsible for crafting the knives many of us put into them. Such is the case with this offering, too, from Case Knives. In this case, we’ve chosen to focus on the medium-sized option, although there is both a smaller and larger size, should you so desire or need them. This one boasts space for a whopping 42 individual knives, has a soft cotton lining with foam padding on the interior, and the exterior is crafted from leather for a bit of style and extra protection. And the whole thing is topped off by a pair of handy suitcase-style carry handles.

Capacity: 42
Type: Leather Bag

Purchase: $80

Nalpak Pelican Vault 16-Knife Case

Pelican’s absolutely outstanding hardshell cases seem like shoo-ins for knife storage, as they’re already practically indestructible. However, it took the folks at Nalpak to really bring this dream to fruition by giving the said cases suitable internal organization, which is what you can see here in the Nalpak Pelican Vault case. Pop open the push-button latches and you’ll find twin removable foam panels, each with space for eight individual pocket knives — making the case capable of holding up to 16 in total. Finally, the whole thing is topped off with a secure stainless steel lock, should you want to keep your blades even more secure.

Capacity: 16
Type: Hardshell Case

Purchase: $110

CASTLECREEK Collector’s Cabinet Display Case

Not everyone wants to put their precious, beloved folding knives in a dark case or tool roll, only to stash them away in some dark corner. Rather, some of us want to put our favorite tools on display. And the Castlecreek Collector’s Cabinet Display Case is the perfect method for that. This vintage-style piece is built from solid wood and features seven pull-out drawers large enough for at least one knife per drawer (but likely many more). And, for your pride and joy, the top shelf slides in beneath an exhibition window, so it’s always in eye-shot. Best of all, the drawers are also large enough to house fixed blade knives, should you prefer to keep non-folders inside of it.

Capacity: 7+
Type: Wooden Display

Purchase: $110

Filson Tool Roll

Technically, the Filson Tool Roll wasn’t made exclusively with knives in mind. Having said that, there’s no denying that it is formatted perfectly for fitting as many as 13 folding knives (of the right size) in its litany of pockets and pouches. Pair that with its outstanding USA-made pedigree, durable oiled canvas construction, sturdy bridle leather closure straps, and the additional large snap-button pocket and you can see how this might work brilliantly as an everyday carry knife organizer.

Capacity: 13+
Type: Canvas & Leather Roll

Purchase: $125

Nalpak Pelican Vault 200 Knife Case

In case you weren’t paying attention, the Nalpak-repurposed Pelican Vault cases are some of the absolute best for knife storage and organization around. They’re so good, in fact, that we’re including them twice on this list — with the second entry belonging to the Blade HQ-exclusive 200-model. The primary difference between this one and the other one on our list is that this one has just a single layer of foam split into 22 vertically-oriented slots, one per knife, and a single horizontally-oriented slot for a single display knife. Of course, it still features a nigh-indestructible hardshell exterior with push-button latches and a reliable stainless steel lock.

Capacity: 23
Type: Hardshell Case

Purchase: $150

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