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The 15 Best Kitchen Gifts Under $50

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Along with goodwill and cheer, the holidays bring with them the added expenditures of buying gifts for your loved ones. When shopping for kitchen-related gifts, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the cost of some of the bigger, more premier name brands. Of course, big-ticket items like pellet grills, pressure cookers, and designer cookware sets are popular, but their steep price tags often make them inaccessible for those on a stricter budget. Thankfully, as with most things, the value of a gift is more than its price. With a little bit of thought, even the smallest accessory can be a thoughtful gift that augments your loved ones’ cooking experience. To prove you don’t need to spend big bucks to give a great gift, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite kitchen goods whose value far exceeds their price. Bon appétit .

Pappy & Co. Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup

Pappy & Company’s Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup is one of those products that’s so good, you’d need to taste it yourself to believe it. Their maple syrup is aged in retired Pappy Van Winkle bourbon barrels, which results in a one-of-a-kind syrup that’s bursting with flavors of vanilla, butter, oak, and, of course, bourbon.

Purchase: $38

Amola Salt Smoked Bacon Salt

For those who can’t afford an indoor or outdoor smoker, smoked salt is an affordable and easy way to imbue your food with the flavor of fire. The geniuses at Amola found a way to up the ante by adding bacon to the already tasty profile of smoked salt.

Purchase: $10

Truff Black Truffle Infused Hotter Sauce

Using Truff hot sauce on your food is like using real-life cheat codes to make anything delicious. It’s packed with flavor and tempered heat, yet it’s balanced enough to where it won’t overpower your food.

Purchase: $18

Smithey Ironware Co. Chain Mail Scrubber

Any offering from Smithey Ironware Co. is going to last you a lifetime. Their dishwasher-safe chain mail scrubber is a perfect instrument to use to clean your cast iron skillets.

Purchase: $20

Zeppoli Classic Kitchen Towels 15-Pack

What kitchen towels lack in sex appeal, they more than compensate in versatility and usefulness, and in the kitchen, versatility is the currency of the realm. They’re a lot like socks in that you can never have enough of them.

Purchase: $22

JONYJ Spice Rack Organizer

In any kitchen, real estate is a precious commodity, so anything that’s going to maximize space while also organizing your cooking accouterments is a godsend. This offering from JONYJ makes it quick and easy to access your spices while saving precious counter or pantry space.

Purchase: $29

Hasami Porcelain Mug Cup

Hasami’s gorgeous coffee cup features a porcelain construction, which is superior in quality and durability to ceramic. Plus, its minimalistic, modern design makes it blend form and function.

Purchase: $30

Barebones Flatware Set

Good, affordable flatware is hard to come by; more times than not, accessible flatware is as easy to bend as a cooked noodle. Thankfully, the folks at Barebones made a set with durable stainless steel construction and an elegant stone gray enamel finish to solve your cutlery-based woes.

Purchase: $32

Kenmore Kenosha Wood Cutting Board

Everyone needs a good, spacious cutting board, and Kenmore’s Kenosha wood cutting board is as gorgeous and versatile as it is accessibly priced. It is made from solid Acacia wood that’s gentler on knives than plastic cutting boards.

Purchase: $36

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

It’s a not-so-well-kept secret in the food space that the Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife is the best-valued chef knife on the market. The knife sports a comfortable non-slip handle, it’s well balanced, and its sloped, steel blade rocks smoothly for easy mincing and chopping.

Purchase: $39

Barebones 10″ Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron skillets are a kitchen essential because you can cook practically anything in them and they’re nearly indestructible. In particular, the 10″ skillet from Barebones is triple-sanded for a smooth finish and comes pre-seasoned, so you can start cooking immediately upon receiving it.

Purchase: $40

Grove 45 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Not all olive oil is created equal. Grove 45’s extra virgin olive oil is milled with a premium blend of olives to produce a fruity and well-rounded finishing oil with a slightly peppery finish.

Purchase: $42

Farmhouse Pottery Stowe Measuring Spoons

Farmhouse’s measuring spoons are some of the best-looking ones on the market. They’re made of stainless steel and sport a brushed finish, which elevates a normal kitchen staple to a well-designed, rustic tool.

Purchase: $48

Puebco Vintage Tent Oven Mitts

Oven mitts are a dime a dozen unless they’re from Puebco, who made their oven mitts out of recycled fabric from old tent shelters. Given their repurposed nature, no two gloves are alike.

Purchase: $48

Bamboo Composter Countertop Composter

Countertop composters allow you to throw away scraps as you prep, de-clutter precious countertop space, and reduce food waste. Bamboo Composter’s offering is made of sustainable, durable bamboo and has two odor-blocking carbon filters to keep the stink at bay.

Purchase: $50

Tognana Moka Pot

This 9-cup Moka Pot is the perfect gift for the coffee lover in your life. It’s made of three easy-to-clean stainless steel pieces that assemble easily to make you a delicious cup of espresso-like coffee.

Purchase: $50

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