The 20 Best Desks For The Home Office

Photo: BlueLounge StudioDesk

A personalized workspace is a key component for a comfortable workflow, and if you spend all day typing away on a drab, broken-down desk, you know better than anyone that adequate motivation can be easily attributed to your surroundings. As such, you owe it to yourself to keep your workstation clean, concise, and well-organized; something that’s become increasingly difficult as the workload continues to rise.

Luckily, modern furniture manufacturers have taken note. Instead of creating the cumbersome, unintuitive desks that we’ve been exposed to in the past, many of today’s leading designers have made an attempt to take on the issue of a crowded workspace by branching into a minimalist perspective, incorporating modular layouts, and keeping clutter to a minimum. Aside from that, they’ve placed an emphasis on the creation of aesthetically-pleasing variants, giving buyers a sense of pride in the furniture that they use within the workplace. Below, we’ll outline a handful of the industry’s most progressive offerings, and dive into the world of great-looking desk designs.

Tribesigns Computer Desk

Tribesigns’ Computer Desk takes a modern approach to the traditional article of furniture, combining a minimalistic design and sturdy materials to create one of the most affordable, but attractive offerings around. Adjustable pads and metal legs help to keep the desk level on uneven ground, while a thick, laminated MDF tabletop — which is both waterproof and resistant to scratching — rounds out the heavy-duty furnishing.

Purchase: $128


Ikea’s IDÅSEN desk is another in-home hit from the Swedish brand, bringing a sturdy silhouette, a great-looking veneer, and modern design elements to the forefront for interested buyers. The desk embodies everything that we’ve come to love about Ikea, in general, including the simplicity of its overall design, the stain- and scratch-resistant qualities of its surface, and a subjectively easy setup process. Better yet, the IDÅSEN boasts an optimized layout that’ll let you store your cables in an aesthetically-pleasing manner, making it a hit among individuals who like to maintain a clean, collected workspace.

Purchase: $280

Fully Jarvis Bamboo

Fully’s Jarvis Bamboo desk is an adjustable furnishing that gives you a range of personalization options, few of which are paralleled by alternative manufacturers. It can transition from a sitting-height variant into that of a standing desk, without an array of confusing directions or additions. Instead, this attractive model brings minimalism to the consumer through a sustainable bamboo desktop, a UV-cured, water-based polyurethane coating, and an award-winning frame that’s helped to catapult the desk into popularity. To round things off, each example is LED programmable and can lift up to 350-pounds of work equipment, making the transition from sitting to standing a simple affair.

Purchase: $450

Everywhere Rectangular

Everywhere’s Rectangular desk might be one of the most minimalistic offerings you’ve ever seen; oddly enough, this is exactly why it’s a lauded competitor when it comes to modern furniture. To achieve this, designer Dan Grabowski opted for the inclusion of simplistic linework, exceptional strength, and unmatched versatility, helping the Rectangular desk to take on any and all workstation styles. Each example is crafted right here in the U.S.A. and is comprised of 67% recycled materials, making it a lightweight, but dependable silhouette for everyday use.

Purchase: $480

West Elm Industrial Storage

West Elm’s Industrial Storage desk is an attractive offering that’s sure to enhance any room in the home, office, or work area. It’s constructed from a plank of sought-after solid mango wood and lofted on a set of sleek, stylish metal legs. Since it’s been crafted for use in industrial settings, the desk boasts a collection of deep-set drawers, as well as an expansive tabletop to keep all of your important peripherals within arms reach. Since the desk is made with sustainably-sourced mango wood, each example is said to look somewhat different than its counterparts, giving buyers a personalized workstation that looks great, performs better, and is decidedly one-of-a-kind.

Purchase: $480

Article Culla

Article’s Culla desk is the perfect piece of furniture for the office worker who’s looking to take their workstation to the next level. Its slimline table top keeps things simple and stylish, while a dark, smooth wood surface, a selection of drawers, and angular legs give the silhouette an interesting look, overall. Each variant is made with both a solid and veneered Walnut MDF and features just enough space to keep everything you need stored and protected after a long day of work.

Purchase: $559

CB2 Drommen

CB2’s Drommen desk is a piece of architectural artwork and boasts one of the finest design styles in the industry. This sleek example was designed by Jannis Ellenberger and puts every angle to use, thanks to its great-looking, sustainable acacia wood construction, a visually-appealing grain pattern, and robust drawer selection to keep everything you need within arms reach. If you’re the type who loves to keep things in optimal working order, the Drommen also features a cable management system to keep rogue wires tucked away and hidden, making it an attractive proposition for those who are looking to spruce up their home/industrial office.

Purchase: $600

Bludot Swish Console

Bludot’s Swish Console desk is an exercise in great-looking office furniture, bringing buyers a well-rounded table that places design at the forefront, without an emphasis on much else. The beauty of the Swish Console is its identity crisis; it doesn’t know what it is, which means that it’s a blank canvas for those who are looking to take their office space to the next level. Its removable sliding top allows it to act as both versatile storage space, or foundational support for your most important peripherals, including computers, speakers, typewriters, or anything else you need in your day-to-day workflow.

Purchase: $640

Floyd Table

The Floyd Table is an interesting offering that blurs the lines between office and living use, providing a well-rounded desk area that’s just as comfortable acting as a dining room table, or anything in-between. This unique variant is made with solid birch plywood and features a high-tier birch veneer to keep it protected from external inhibitors. Each example is made right here in the U.S.A. and boasts a certification that’s compliant with the industry’s highest standards for construction and material implementation. Better yet, the Floyd Table garners even more timeless style over its tenure, giving buyers an investment piece that’s sure to amplify any room in the home for years to come.

Purchase: $675

APT2B Whitaker

APT2B’s Whitaker desk was created with one thing in mind: to blur the lines between contemporary and classic styles. The result? An exceedingly attractive example that’s also cognizant of its high-end construction. Each example boasts a sharp, uncluttered design that’s accented by the desk’s solid Ash frame, and draped in a dark Walnut stain to bring out its most authentic characteristics. A lacquered MDF desktop keeps things looking great over the years, while a robust, three-drawer layout provides everything you’ll need to keep your supplies, peripherals, and cords at bay.

Purchase: $678

BlueLounge StudioDesk

BlueLounge’s StudioDesk is the answer to unwanted clutter, offering buyers a great-looking variant that stores cables under its desktop to maintain and clutter-free workspace. Each stylish example comes outfitted with a black leatherette wrapped drawer, solid birch legs, and an elongated slot to ensure that all of your unsightly peripherals will remain stowed and secure, helping you to remain efficient throughout the workday. To finish things off, a PB Board and MDF table top protect against stains, wear, and scratches, keeping your workspace clean and capable.

Purchase: $750

Joybird Gaia

Joybird’s Gaia desk takes the idea of a modern workstation and places an emphasis on the embodiment of character. As such, it boasts a mid-century look that blends perfectly with a number of today’s most prominent design principles, striking a perfect balance through the use of wood, metal, and glass. Each variant is combined with top-quality hardware, and outfitted with sustainably-sourced wood to keep it in-line with today’s top contenders, gifting buyers an exceptionally-crafted desk area that can hold a computer, speakers, and accessories, or act as a living room showpiece.

Purchase: $804

DWR Celine Desk

DWR’s Celine Desk was designed by Nazanin Kamali, a multidisciplinary artist who looked to make a statement in interior design. As such, the marriage of artistic direction, and bespoke furniture design has shone through in this piece — a simplistic variant that boasts a single cubby, exacting line work, and a high-tier grain pattern that blends well with many of today’s room styles. It’s thanks to this simplicity that the Celine is such a hit, bringing an effortless setup, mid-century attribution, and a multifaceted design to the forefront for buyers who revel in minimalism.

Purchase: $995

Artifox Desk 02

Artifox’s Desk 02 is, at its core, a minimalist’s dream. This modular, tech-friendly furniture piece is constructed using a great-looking walnut tabletop, complementing its steel accents with a dark stain. A built-in dock ensures that your most important peripherals are always fully charged, while a cable grid on the rear helps to optimize your workspace and keep cables/dongles from taking over. The Desk 02 works great as a standalone offering, but if you’re looking to take your workspace a step further, it pairs exceptionally well with the company’s expansive catalog of adaptable accessories, helping you personalize it to your tastes.

Purchase: $1,390

Bludot A Walk In The Park

Bludot is an obvious admittance on any furniture list, and when it comes to office-savvy desks, the company’s prowess shines through. This robust example features a set of large, cumbersome legs, a wide wooden tabletop, and beveled edges to give it an aura of sleek style. As one of the largest variants on our list, the “Walk In The Park” desk has trouble holding all of your peripherals, and then some. It’s made with a Solidwood mahogany core, and relies on either a walnut or white oak veneered surface to keep stains, scratches, and cuts to a minimum. While this desk can straddle the line between a kitchen centerpiece and that of an office peripheral, it’s up to you to utilize it in whatever way you deem fit.

Purchase: $1,600

Modern Digs Hayes Desk

Modern Digs’ Hayes Desk brings an entire suite of classic design principles to the table for prospective buyers. Not only does this simplistic desk harken back to the best-looking variants from the past, but it also adds a slew of modern materials, subtle linework, and open space to their nostalgic silhouettes. A stitched-suede leather surface exudes an aura of bespoke luxury, while a matte lacquer steel frame, a set of full-extension drawers, and contrasting attributes provide a visual aesthetic that’s unmatched by its competitors.

Purchase: $1,700

Herman Miller Eames

Herman Miller’s Eames desk is an undeniable classic, blending the genius of Charles and Ray Eames with a piece of timeless furniture that still looks great today. The design reigns supreme as one of the most sought-after styles around and comes finished in either a neutral, or Mondrian-inspired style. To round out the iconic offering, a number of customizable options like drawer configuration and tabletop size are available for buyers who look to create the quintessential workspace.

Purchase: $2,080

Herman Miller Airia

Herman Miller’s Airia desk was designed by the Observatory and sets itself apart as a work desk for the most serious of minds. The beauty of the desk isn’t surpassed by its purpose, however. This modern variant boasts a set of cork-lined drawers, built-in organizers, and purposeful cutouts to keep all of your rogue cords, cables, and dongles in one place. All the while, the Airia remains cognizant of the intent of its user, providing easy access to everything you need by keeping it in arms reach, and pays heed to the accumulation of accessories on the desktop thanks to its tiered layout.

Purchase: $2,595

DWR Nelson Swag Leg

DWR’s Nelson Swag Leg desk is the result of a designer’s artistic mind, producing an example with machine-formed metal legs, exacting production principles, and a tapered metal silhouette that was a favorite of Charles Pollock. Each example boasts a collection of drawers and storage cubbies, helping to keep everything from stationery to electronic devices organized and accessible. Each organizer tray is removable, allowing for you to keep your workflow free and uninhibited, while a dependable U.S.A.-made construction will give you peace-of-mind knowing that it’s been crafted by the industry’s best craftsman.

Purchase: $2,795

Sean Woolsey Smart Desk

Sean Woolsey’s Smart Desk is a premium offering from one of the industry’s most lauded designers, bringing a handful of technological advancements to the traditional work station. Each variant comes outfitted with three different drawers for robust storage capabilities and features a black walnut desk accessory organizer to keep things tasteful and within arm’s reach. On the interior, an embedded QI fast charger helps you keep all of your most important devices topped off and ready to operate at a moment’s notice.

Purchase: $3,000

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