Night Moves: 12 Best Black Jeans For Men

Mott and Bow Straight Jay

When it comes to men’s basics, few things are more important to have in your rotation than a pair of black jeans. They’re simple, they’re durable, and they look great in almost any situation. But just because they’re basic doesn’t mean that any old pair will do.

It is important to take the time to pick out the best pair of black denim jeans because, if you are like most guys, you are going to wear these things until they fall apart. Day in and day out, these pants will have to not only stand up to the wear and tear that goes along with life, but they should fit perfectly and look great to boot. So why not make sure that they’ll be a pair you will be happy to wear into the ground? We set out to find some of the best black jeans out there for you to pick from. Whether raw American denim or a more stretchy fit – we’re sure you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Uniqlo Skinny Fit Jeans

A good pair of jeans doesn’t have to cost that much. Sure, this pair from Uniqlo won’t last nearly as long as any other pair on the list, but at the very least they look pretty solid and they boast a good fit. That means for the few months you have them before the elastic dies, you’ll look fly as hell.

Purchase: $40

Levi’s 511 Slim Fit Stretch Jeans

It is really hard to beat a classic like the Levi’s 511. This pair of black denim jeans features the standard cut with a slightly more modern fit as well as a little bit of elastane added in for flexibility. All of this makes them perfect for the guy who is looking for a tried and true pair of black jeans for everyday wear.

Purchase: $70

Unbranded Brand UB355 Straight Fit

Unbranded Brand makes a very simple proposition. They offer up quality jeans cut from selvage fabric at an affordable price. How can they do this? They don’t do hype, they don’t do washes, and they don’t do ad campaigns. Because their overhead is lower, you can pick up this pair of 13-ounce black jeans featuring a blue ear selvage stripe, leather patch, and button fly for much less than other companies will charge.

Purchase: $88

Mott And Bow Straight Jay

This brand may very well be the future of denim. Why would we say that? Just look at the Straight Jay. These jeans are cut from a black left-hand weave fabric that is given an indigo dye, a sulfur bottom, and is then overdyed black. This means that the black dye won’t wash off and gray after just a few months of wear. To top it all off, they won’t empty out your bank account. Affordability without compromise is a rare thing to come by.

Purchase: $118

J.Crew 484 Slim Jean

The slimmest fitting pair of jeans from prep stalwarts J.Crew, these 13.5-ounce zip fly pants are ideal for the guy looking for classic denim with a more metropolitan look. These black jeans use a fabric sourced from Kaihara mill, one of the oldest in Japan. For a more worn-in feel and look, these jeans are overdyed black and then broken in slightly for a somewhat washed look.

Purchase: $125

Naked and Famous Solid Black Selvedge

Made in Canada with Japanese fabric, this pair of 13-ounce black sulfur dyed selvage denim jeans are ideal for the guy looking for something a bit more rigid and loose fitting. This particular pair features the selvage denim mainstay’s ‘Easy Guy’ fit that allows for more room in the thighs and then cuts inward only slightly from the knee down. Thanks to the sulfur dye, the black look won’t fade nearly as easily as others either.

Purchase: $170

Buck Mason Slim Stretch Jean

Los Angeles-based clothing brand Buck Mason made their way in the menswear world by focusing on quality basics. T-shirts, chinos, etc. So it is to be expected that they have one of the better pairs of black jeans out there. Their Slim Stretch has all of the features you could want. Cut from Japanese denim, featuring nickel hardware, and boasting a deep black dye, they can easily turn into your go-to pair of jeans.

Purchase: $175

Stevenson Overall Co. La Jolla 727

Japan has always had a knack for recreating classic American styles. Stevenson Overall Co., for instance, not only borrows from popular mid-century Western styles, but their entire company is based on a revived Indiana workwear brand from the 1930s. More than just aping an aesthetic, they try and replicate old production methods. For their La Jolla 727 black jeans, rather than sourcing their selvage cotton fabric from one of the loom’s in their home country S.O.C ran with U.S. shuttle loomed cotton fabric. The quality and attention to detail show through.

Purchase: $205

Nudie Jeans Skinny Lin Crinkle Black

Sometimes when you are going for a pair of jeans, you don’t necessarily want some pair of impeccably black and untreated thing straight from the loom. Yet, on the other hand, you likely don’t want some trashy paper thin pair of pants that will fail you before the year is out. Nudie Jeans’ Skinny Lin black jeans find the sweet spot between those two extremes. Cut from an 11-ounce cotton fabric, sewn with black threads, and featuring a slightly worn in crinkly fit – these pants have a comfortable feel right from the get go.

Purchase: $210

Rogue Territory Stealth Stanton 11oz

If you are looking for a pair of black jeans that won’t weigh you down too much, this may be the perfect pick. Woven with a 2×1 construction opposed to the more traditional 3×1 construction, this pair of black jeans have a much lighter feel to them and a shorter wear-in time. To top it off, this pair of L.A. made selvage pants were dyed black using a sulfur process, making it so they’ll stay black longer.

Purchase: $230

3Sixteen CT-220x

3Sixteen wasn’t happy with just a simple black dyed pair of jeans, so they got the Japanese based Kuroki Mill to custom weave a double black selvage fabric that is dark as the night on both the warp and the weft. All of this means that 14.5-ounce denim will stay black longer. But that isn’t all these jeans feature. When it comes to fit, they have a higher rise than most others out there, a classic straight cut to the knee, and then a more tapered fit down to the cuffs.

Purchase: $240

3×1 M3 Slim Straight

This NYC-based brand isn’t afraid of moving away from raw and untreated fabrics. These black jeans use a 13-ounce fabric sourced from Japan’s Kaihara mill, but are sanforized and boast a super comfortable worn-in look and feel that is proudly assembled in the U.S.

Purchase: $295

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